18 November 2016

Unlike all these crybaby Millenials...

...I remember the last time some German politician wanted to "manage and steer" society...insert alt text here

"It took a while until societies learned to find the right kinds of policies to contain this, to manage and steer this."
Didn't some Austrian dude once put I.G. Farben in charge of Germany's wartime industrial Human Resources challenges?

Of course, that worked out better for some people than others.


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WUZHEN, China • Picture an internet where tech companies are deputized as crime-fighters, where censors keep radical views in check and where governments work together to achieve global order in cyberspace.

That is China’s vision.
Looks like Trump came along just in time.


Bill E said...

Translation : the internet created the citizen journalist who is beholden to no corporation or government who can speak truth to power and reveal the naked aggression of tyrants and demagogues - it also broke the ruling class monopoly on information disemination - in any practicing tyranny or aspiring tyranny this is a bad thing.

Obanma, Merkel, Clinton, EU, UN - all despotic scum - off to the bone pit of history for them - up the revolution - freedom ,populism nationalism!

Anonymous said...

owg says...........Obama has already taken steps to allow the UN to get control of the internet. It will not happen over night but it will happen. Time for an alternative.

Neo Conservative said...

let us hope that people are less apathetic about the internet than they are about politics in general.