14 November 2016

CTV turns "bait & switch" headline...

...into "switch & switch" nonsense...

"Mom Skeptical of Investigation into Son's Deadly Overdose at Centre"
I dunno... sounds pretty black and white to me...
Text messages on Brandon's phone showed he arranged to have a dealer drop off fentanyl to him at the centre in the hours before he overdosed and died alone in his room.
We then move from the journalistically ridiculous to the ironically sublime...
Angry with the lack of support for people addicted to fentanyl and other substances, Jansen has started a drug awareness foundation.
There may have been a lack of something here, but it sure as shit wasn't a "lack of support."
Jansen said the Sunshine Coast Health Centre was the 11th drug-treatment centre her son attended in attempt to kick the habit.
I get that this woman is grieving, but let's face it... this guy pretty much stuck a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. It's what junkies do.

Apparently CTV can't help themselves either. Remember, if you can't find any actual news... create a victim and make some up.


Anonymous said...

old white guys says............a friend of mine used to say that only dopes do dope, she was right.

Neo Conservative said...

junkies don't have friends or families... they are in single-minded pursuit of their next fix.

how many times had this guy gone to rehab? were people saying, don't worry, the 12th time's the charm?