23 November 2016

Snowflake U.

Case Western Reserve University also hosted a pre-Thanksgiving debriefing for its students, informing them that “away from the university, our families and friends often talk about issues differently than what we experience in our on-campus discussions.”

The event, called “Talking with Family About the Election,” was billed as a means of teaching students “what to say to people who have fundamentally different viewpoints on a variety of issues.”
Silly me... I thought that was what pretty much all of college or university was about.And then, of course, there's Queens University in Kingston, Ontario...
Photographs circulating on social media show students, most of them white, dressed as Middle Eastern sheiks, Viet Cong guerrillas and Buddhist monks.
Apparently, the university has launched an investigation.


Anonymous said...

Ya know, was watchng one of these snowflake public anti-Trump tantrums(tm) when the light went on - they are THE reason trump won. It wasn't until these Commie Martyrs University grads in neo-bolshevik sciences spilled onto the streets demanding entilement for everyone but the payers, did Trump's numbers soar - with each new Marxist rage fit, his numbers went up - and I see his approvals now continue to climb.

I think the Trump win was the direct result of America having enough of this deconstructionist hate filled BS - they gave it the middle finger. There had best be some real learning in the university quisling clinics - some survival based reflection,

Because if this 3rd world behavior keeps up they'll have to be dealt with like an outbreak of mad cow disease

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... they are THE reason trump won"

i'd have a hard time disputing that. people were just fed up with this sort of nonsense.