17 November 2016

Yeah... I'm sorry, you lost me at...

"...hiking in a fashionable sports bra..."

Dunham expressed love for her fans and described how she had “whispered some wishes for you into the big red rock” after asking “the Canyon for some guidance.”
How about you give me a shout when even one of these spoiled, millionaire self-referential celebrities crosses the border and runs headlong into Canada's incredibly punitive tax code.

Cos' that just ain't gonna happen.


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Pissedoff said...

Dunham and co need a rock around the head to beat some sense into them.

robins111 said...

Remind me, exactly whats in season down there for hunting. She could be mistaken for a feral hog.

Neo Conservative said...

dunham has to try divert attention from her vow to move to canada now that trump will be prez.


Frances said...

Dunham trying to hide the face that Canada doesn't want her.

Bill E said...

Why must we be constantly exposed to this demented pig - is it because this is the roll model being pimped to accelerate the degeneration of our culture?

I must be old because this cunned stunt hols zero appeal for me

Neo Conservative said...

i believe the audience is mainly millenial females who feel dunham somehow speaks for them. i'm guessing 10 years ago it was "gilmore girls."