06 September 2016

When Canadians go wrong

Seems we're not all timid, apology spewing robots...

"At some point, things escalated and the cyclist allegedly grabbed at the driver through an open window. The cabbie is suspected of then striking the cyclist with his car."
Initial viral video seemed to indict cabbie Ali... but now Baldeep is balls deep too.


UPDATE: Baldeep Cheema, Baldeep Cheema...

...that sounds so familiar... of course, of course, there's that entrepreneurial Toronto spirit... a crowdfunding campaign to cover criminal lawyers fees...
"Court proceeding will not start until sometime after this and I've got 5 children to support. This is making it very difficult to support them and pay for the legal aspect and repairs."
Yes, my friend, that's what happens in this crazy city when you "allegedly" assault someone.

I wonder if Ali Farkhondehfall will use the tried & tested "Michael Bryant" defense.


LAST WORD: So, basically... he's on the dole?
"A Koran teacher who sometimes leads prayers at Scarborough’s Jame Abu Bakr Siddique mosque."
I thought people just memorised the Koran. What teaching does this guy do?


Anonymous said...

old white guy says..........I have always been in favour of keeping bicycles off all heavily travelled roads. Confine them to exercise tracks or quiet neighbourhoods where they are not a menace.

Neo Conservative said...

hey, owg... remember back the last time somebody cut you off in traffic... and you totally lost your shit and physically attacked them?

yeah... me neither.

maybe bicycles really aren't the issue here.


Bill E said...

Back in the day when I rode a tricked out Truimph Daytona, I had Aholes cut me off routinely and words were exchanged but it was certainly backed up with fists if need be.

I wouldn't blame the biker for dusting the cabby's chin - the sad fact is we have a disgusting habit of prosecuting people who defend themselves - someone instigates a confrontation by threatening a guy with vehicular assault and they charge the victim for reacting as a victim.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill e says... they charge the victim"

except that, in this case, after the initial viral video came out, apparently subsequent investigation revealed that ol' baldeep had reached in the cab and assaulted the driver.

try imagining if, every time someone did something stupid, instead of taking it to the authorities, someone else attacked them.

in some countries, they don't believe in the rule of law... they just kill your ass dead... which starts up a familial blood feud. a stolen goat starts a tit for tat tribal conflict that never ends.

that's not a country i want to live in.


Bill E said...

"try imagining if, every time someone did something stupid, instead of taking it to the authorities, someone else attacked them."

This would make for a polite society,if you know you belligerent stupidity in damaging someone has real consequences - I'm all for citizen's arrest and street justice.

I have problems with the idea that what comes out of our court system today approximates justice - all that was solved here was the state swatting flies with a sledge hammer to exert its presumed monopoly on the use of justified force.

I'm a great believer in the phrase "he had it coming" in relation to doling out impromptu non leathal corporal punishment to obvious Aholes.

Neo Conservative said...

maybe they can set up a special segment of protected jobs that are only open to black folk... say, something harvesting related in the agricultural sector.