15 September 2016

Shaking things up

“Unbeknownst to its customers … Standard Innovation designed We-Connect to collect and record highly intimate and sensitive data regarding consumers’ personal We-Vibe use, including the date and time of each use and the selected vibration settings, and transmit such usage data – along with the users’ personal email address – to its servers in Canada.”
Is nothing sacred?


Bill E said...

Some day the zombie horde will understand their smart phone, tablet, even their smart appliances are surveillence devices gathering and compiling data on them to be sold to corporations who will use the info to sell them more privacy-killing tech - then govt. becomes the super user of data collection, you won't be able to hide the mice farting in your barn without Big Bro knowing it and taxing it...

"What was "privacy" like Grampa?"

Neo Conservative said...

they're pulling data off aunt betty's plastic motorised penis substitute, i'd say we are all "well and truly f@cked"