16 September 2016

When apologies are not enough...

...just make sure you get a big ole' slice of that shame-filled "white privilege" pie...insert alt text here

Montreal visual artist Stephen Puskas suggested that Ungava gin goes against the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's article 92, which states that the corporate sector in Canada needs to commit to "meaningful consultation, building respectful relationships,…obtaining informed consent of Indigenous peoples…before proceeding with economic development projects."
All that legalistic argle-bargle usually precedes some sort of shakedown... so, wait for it...
Puskas also said that some of the money from the recent $12-million dollar sale of Ungava to Toronto-based Colby Spirits and Wine LTD should go to the Inuit community.
Why do all these matters of "cultural principle" always involve huge payoffs to the "[insert name here] community?"

Meanwhile, in other "cross cultural" follies...
Nine middle-class protesters from the 'Black Lives Matter' movement hailed their 'white privilege' today as they got away with a slap on the wrist despite bringing an international airport to a standstill.

The group, eight of whom are white, chained themselves to the runway at London's City Airport in a protest at what they called a 'racist climate crisis', causing chaos for thousands of air passengers.

Among the nine protesters is 25-year-old Natalie Fiennes, a film producer who is a cousin of renowned actors Ralph and Joseph.

Ben Tippet, 24, her housemate in a multi-million pound six-bedroom townhouse in Wandsworth, south London, was also in the dock today.
Poor old Natalie, suffering yet more epidermal injustice.


Bill Elder said...

"Award winning Inuk throat singer Tanya Tagaq "

Bwaaaahahahahahaha!!!! You can't write Self-Deprecating comedy like this!

This is white guilt psychosis meets culturl appropriation shakedown industry. I find it ironic that anyone who considers make some ding on this oral gargling "cultural art" can get bent out shape by tasteless commercialism.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill e says... this oral gargling "cultural art"

basically a stone age diversion for folks who apparently couldn't harness technology. funny, they don't seem to have a problem appropriating modern technology from the privileged white folk... wide screen tv, modern firearms, snowmobiles...


Martin said...

Award winning artist, after the appropriate award is created by the correct arm of the Canadian cultural industry, CBC, Can Council whatever.