25 September 2016

Kathleen Wynne's benevolent Ontario

Sounds like a job for your local Hell's Angels...

A Toronto landlord says she's been conned by a "professional tenant" who's been living in her Yorkville home since July without paying rent. "They find places to live, hopefully stay for eight to nine months. As soon as they know they can't go any further, they find another place to move into and do the exact same thing. And our system allows them to do that."

The tenant, James Regan, 62, lost a similar dispute at the board earlier this year over another property he was occupying. The board ordered his eviction in that case. Regan appealed that eviction and lost in Ontario Superior Court, a process that took eight months, during which he lived rent-free in the condo near Old Mill Road and Bloor Street West.
The last people could have paid "an eviction service" $5000.00 and been $20,000.00 ahead.


Bill E said...

Wait till he's out and change the locks and your phone number and have another tenant in before he can process a complaint

2 can play the pogy rent game in Ontari-ari-air-I-owe

Neo Conservative said...

i'm guessing if it were this simple, the previous landlord would have done exactly that. instead he was out 8 months rent plus legal fees.

the law in socialist ontario is squarely on the side of tenants.


Anonymous said...

This happened to a friend of mine, but the tenant was a master at it, it strung it out for 7 years without paying rent.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... strung it out for 7 years"

no to blame the victim here, but there's no way i could have let that go on for that long. i would've burned the house down (or more likely, some other more targeted extralegal solution) before i let anyone fuck me over like that.