29 September 2016

“Maybe it’s all amusing..."

"Maybe it’s not a problem at all, maybe it’s all just entertainment. Everyone’s a racist, maybe every man is ultimately a rapist, whatever,” he continued. “But there’s a child-like attitude toward the world in this kind of over-emotional lashing out, and the culture of blame."

“It almost seems at times as if kids are running the world,” concluded Ellis. “Feelings are not fact.”


Bill E said...

Unfortunately we allowed a whole generation to be steeped in this Kropotkin subversion called Political Correctness (AKA socially disruptive nihilism a street level version of critical theory) and the Kommie Kinder collectively labeled "Millennials" will subject western culture/society to 50 years of violent minority racism and self destructive guilt politics.

There will be a correction ,(as there always is when a dystopia is overthrown) and the Millennials are ground up in the civil strife they enabled by their own children - we may not see it but there is comfort in knowing history repeats itself.

Millennial race hustling/baiting will ultimately destroy them as a natural cycle of history - being ignorant of history they will not see it coming, which ensures the correction's success.

Neo Conservative said...


a goodly subset of the populace is increasingly upset with this p.c. argle-bargle... hence the rise in popularity of plain speaking figures such as donald trump.