11 September 2016

Hillary collapse at 9/11 ceremony?

Never a pickle jar... when you really, really need one...sick puppy

From NBC Pool Report: "We are told by the campaign that we are no longer allowed to shoot anything from the ceremony."
is this the end for clinton?Have Huma and the Hildebeast just handed Trump the keys to the Oval Office?


UPDATE: See video here

UPDATE2: Everybody relax... Hillary "feels great"


ASK A NEW YORK TIMES BUREAU CHIEF:insert alt text here
"Feels like a good day for Clinton to release her medical records and call on Trump to do same."
Adam Nagourney NYT - LA Bureau Chief
Sorry Adam... not gonna happen. Because Hillary is an unrepentant liar...
So even after she collapsed, the campaign decided the ruse would continue. It arranged for the candidate to make her curbside declaration of wellness, even bringing on the girl to give her a "spontaneous" hug. (Clinton's protection detail would never have permitted a genuinely spontaneous embrace on the street, even by a child.)
Get used to it.


robins111 said...

Best quote yet. The smiting has begun.

Bill E said...

The obsession for power of this grasping old corpse is beyond comprehension.

When animals suffer like this they euthanize them, the dems run them for office

Neo Conservative said...

every time the dems let hillary out in public... they're rolling the electoral dice.


Anonymous said...

The MSM will crawl over broken glass to get her elected. How can you believe anything they report when the bias is so blatant. Basful or embarrassed ain't in their DNA.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... MSM will crawl over broken glass to get her elected"

i think the media is starting to worry about what happens to their street cred if hillary drops dead tomorrow.

looks like even the clinton news network can't ignore the latest meltdown... post updated.


Anonymous said...

I watched some of the video. The men in suit and tie didn't seem to be breaking a sweat so it couldn't have been that hot.