12 September 2016

Silence of the BEE-ELL-EMMS

Toronto police recovered three loaded handguns and drugs from an east-end home early Sunday morning after a report of gunfire at a house party. Staff Sgt. Andrew Johnstone at 55 Division says narcotics, including crack cocaine and marijuana, were also recovered from the scene, as well as ammunition.
So, who are these mysterious firearms enthusiasts/ party goers? Seems big-city "professional" journalists like Monika Warzecha don't much care.

Hmmm... maybe the Toronto Police Force, er... Service can help us out...
Abdul Kareem Jama, 20, of Toronto

Abdul Mohamud, 20, of Toronto

Omer Mahdi, 18, of Toronto

Ammar Tahir, 18, of Toronto

Sewit Tadese, 26, of Toronto

Garad Ali, 26, of Toronto
Don't mention it... glad to be of service.


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The man has been identified as 26 year old Kiesingar Gunn of Toronto. Police say he was shot in the head outside a Forty2, a club in the Mowat Avenue and Liberty Street area around 4 a.m., Sunday.
Not Chicago yet... but they're doing their best.


Bill E said...

All these mutts had loaded handguns in their waist band that they would never have legal access to if they lived to be 1000 - but a long-tem licensed restricted owner with a 35 year spotless record can't be trusted with a 25 round .22RF mag for his Ruger 10/22 to plink at some tin cans at the local gavel pit.

We're f'ing unhinged as a society man

Neo Conservative said...

yes... the cops press release seems to have left out what shooting establishment they all belonged to.

perhaps their imam will give them a stern talking to.


Bill E said...

Neo - I have one for your bulging Darwin award file -


Life goes on at the trailer camp.