26 September 2016

Third Shopping Mall Shooting...

...in ten days...

Six people were injured when a shooter opened fire at a southwest Houston shopping center on Monday morning, police and fire officials said.

The suspected shooter was shot and killed by police. Houston Police Department bomb squad was at the site of the shootings after a suspicious vehicle, believed to belong to the suspected shooter.

UPDATE: Shooter ID known
Acting Police Chief Martha Montalvo declined to release the suspect’s identity but told reporters “he is a lawyer and there were issues concerning his law firm.”

The shooter was taken down by an officer.

UPDATE2: What's the big secret?
Mayor Sylvester Turner, who is in Cuba for a trade mission, told KTRK-TV that the lawyer was “disgruntled.” “He was either fired or had a bad relationship with this law firm.”
Still no id on this shooter.


UPDATE3: Breitbart spills the beans
Houston attorney Earl Spielman described DeSai as “a nice young man with no wife or children.”

He said DeSai did not seem to be actively involved in any particular religion. DeSai is a common Indian name.
There. Was that so hard?


Bill E said...

It's getting so common you just can't keep up with this shit. The sign of a society be driven to psychosis by materialism, self destructive politics and scripted cultural decay.

I keep reading asswipes from both the Obama Junta and from the tater tot hisself, that Trump is selling fear - in light of these daily occurrances of the failure of the immigration system it seems to me he's selling hope

Neo Conservative said...

doesn't sound like this guy was much of a lawyer...

I don't understand why I was charged so much money for them to simply tell me, "Sorry, we can't help you."

Besides that, Nathan Desai acted very unprofessional by asking me (a paying client) out for dinner and drinks.