20 September 2016

"Jason Falconer..."

bang bang

"...the man who shot and killed the mass stabber in a Minnesota mall on Saturday, is a concealed carry permit instructor and tactical firearms trainer."
And speaking of "self defence"...
Implementing an entry-exit visa program, as Donald Trump has promised he will do, would be extraordinarily simple, cost very little, and only take a matter of months.
So what, pray tell, is the problem?

I guess it depends who you ask...
"Earlier this week, in St. Cloud, MN, the Democrat Governor of the State, Mark Dayton made it pretty clear to those who have been questioning the mass importation of Somali refugees to the state; too bad for you, find another place to live."
I'd love to see the latest poll numbers here.


Bill E said...

2nd amendment in action, saving lives for over 230 years..

Neo Conservative said...

recently read a study that revealed people in the usa with concealed carry permits were statistically the most law abiding demographic in the country.

as a past holder of a new york state (excluding new york city) ccw, i can speak to the considerable responsibility that this entails. carrying a firearm on your person makes you aware of what can transpire in a life & death situation.

even coming upon, say, a robbery at a 7/11 may not be enough reason to pull your weapon. would you pull out a gun and shoot at a perpetrator in a crowded store if they were just going to to take the money and run? not me. as long as he wasn't decompensating and really threatening lives, it's better jus to lay low and call cops after.

and even if it seemed totally justified, a jury in a colourful buffalo neighbourhood might see differently and you spend a decade or two in not so beautiful ossining, courtesy of the federal government.

thank goodness, though, in this situation for jason falconer. right guy, right call. and all the right people get to go home to their families.


Bill E said...

I have no idea of what CCW holder in the US must undergo with police/prosecutors second guessing if the shoot was clean after a justified self defense use of his lawfully carried defensive weapon. - I assume it varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but whatever the legal shit-storm the local Dem prosecutor can whip up, I bet it is nothing compared to what those in Canada experience who have had to resort to lawful self-defensive use of a firearm - they will be ground up in the legal system/police monopoly and literally destroyed financially for justified armed self defense in their home - even with a baseball bat or a pipe - let alone if some guy were to use his pocket buck knife in public to fend off an attack.

This country has truly been butt fxxked with a fascist condom, we have an oppressive government and police function hostile to civilian self defense and they prosecute every single time , and it HAS TO STOP! All they are defending is the fascist/soviet state monopoly on defensive force.

robins111 said...

Its a darn good thing he didn't shoot the bad guy with an assault weapon cause the perp would be a lot deader.

Neo Conservative said...

well, bill... i suppose you just do what you feel you have to do... and deal with the consequences.

i catch some junkie with a rusty screwdriver creepin' up my stairs at four in the morning, he had best look to his life.

then i suppose you raid your rrsp to pay for the lawyers... sigh.