25 September 2016

"Señor" Arcan Cetin - Hispanic Turk?

So sorry, New York Times... no burritos for you...

Say ‘SubhanAllah’ 10x and then reblog this, do not stop REBLOGGING it. Lets see how many people we will get to recite SubhanAllah.
If you scroll down he calls Abu Bakr (leader of the Islamic State) his "main dude".
That's curious... all the media accounts I've seen don't even use the word "Muslim."


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...why not use "Speedy Gonzalez?"...
University of Kansas Assistant Complex Director Dale Morrow went on to add that images of a gorilla could reinforce “stereotypes,” but fails to stipulate exactly what sorts of stereotypes he is referring to. "This animal could be triggering to some people as their [sic] are stereotypes that surround this animal.”
Hard to know from minute to minute what is acceptable.


Bill E said...

Neo - one of the greatest mysteries , to me anyway, is WHY are the MSM covering for these jihadis? What's in it for them. No avaricious corporate entity (which is all MSM is)goes on a crusade unless it puts money in the bank.

Where is the profit in covering up the open warfare of Jihad in America?

Neo Conservative said...

the cbc is relying on a 1.2 billion dollar annual subsidy from pierre-lite to meet their payroll.

perhaps you just go along to get along.