21 September 2016

CBC guilty of aiding & abetting?

He who?

Halton police have arrested a man they say collected more than $40,000 in sponsorships for an anti-bullying program he never delivered.

The 44-year-old was supposed to present his anti-bullying program to more than 30 schools in Hamilton and Halton, police say. He operated his company as "Be the Game" and "Kind Every Time."
That's weird, this CBC article forgot to mention who the man behind this company is. What could possibly stop... wait a minute...
Joe Drexler's program has been featured on Canada AM, Canadian Living Magazine, CBC Radio and many other main stream media outlets across North America.

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"The victim was also known to police and had been shot previously."
Shorter CBC... we know who this is... we're just not gonna tell you.

It's for your own good. Just think nice thoughts.


Bill Elder said...

The Charities which are not run by left wing extremists using them to promote cultural Marxist ideals, are run by con artists.

Another reaffirmation I did the right thing pulling the plug on United way and other networked charities.

Neo Conservative said...

today's con-men have recognised that our society's latest obsession with high profile "virtue signalling" presents innumerable opportunities to fleece both individuals and institutions.

the ice cream is that the mainstream media is more than willing to shill for any of these scams.