02 September 2016

Cukier Monster?

E-mails obtained by The Globe and Mail reveal that the Ryerson investigation was initially prompted by a 1,500-word complaint that was made on June 30, 2015, to senior administrators at the university.

The complaint alleged that Dr. Cukier’s department was a “toxic work environment” where lower-level employees were fearful for their jobs.

Among the allegations were claims that employees were expected and asked to work weekends and overtime without compensation, that work was publicly criticized and that burnout was rife.

“When you complete … tasks and assignments, you are critiqued and your work is often torn apart,” the complaint stated.

Dr. Cukier has not spoken to the media about the reasons for the departure. She is currently on a sabbatical from the school.

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An investigation "suggested staff exercises and retreats to improve a sense of workplace 'togetherness.' This included a team-building activity that featured Lego blocks."

According to Ontario’s public salary disclosure database, Cukier was paid $289,784.04 for her role as a Ryerson vice-president in 2015.

LAST WORD: Wendy Cukier, Wendy Cukier...

...that sounds so familiar.


Anonymous said...

Cukier is the matriarch of cultural Marxist bullying and bureaucratic tyranny in Canada - she was an architect and procuress for the most draconian polarizing civil abomination ever legislated in Canada since the anti-Asian "jim Chow" laws in BC. Canada's family court system is now an exercise in the same type of bullying misandry which drove Cukier's activism. She uses her position of authority to demean and abuse those under her control.

Cultural marxism is defined as a rigid monoculture - one narrative, one dogma, one goal, NO DISSENTING VOICES - nonconformity is the biggest crime in the cultural marxist sphere - Cukier has rightfully been stigmatized as a misandrist CM tyrant - certainly toxic to any environment that values diversity of opinion or real gender equity.

Ryerson University called in an external investigator last year to probe allegations of workplace bullying by Wendy Cukier - the investigation turned up a conclusion that she is a bullying dictatorial boss - wanna bet there were NO MALES working for her??? Mondo - Monoculture

Bill Elder said...

More info trickling out on the Cukier bullying scandal; and you won't believe the source Neo -


Neo Conservative said...



Martin said...

Unexplained in all of this, is what exactly is so stress inducing about occupying the chair of VP Ryerson? Why would bullying, or demeaning be required, let alone week-end work detail?
It's not as if they have a sales, or production quotas to meet or they will be forced out of business, or a crop which must be harvested on time. Noted is that this charming individual returns, or remains at Ryerson at a $289,000 leveal and she is on a sabbatical. Nice work if you can manage it.

Unknown said...

There is a lot more to this story than realized here. Cukier was in the process of being hired as Brock University's first female President. She was to have started on Sept. 1st. but all was cancelled and there is a privacy agreement regarding the change of plans.

So, now I know the rest of the story....

Neo Conservative said...

hard to imagine walking away from a $300,000 a year gig... unless, for example, you had somehow poisoned the proverbial office well.

hard to imagine how she now waltzes back into ryerson commanding any sort of respect.


Bill Elder said...

My thinking is Brock U has higher workplace ethics and policies than Ryerson and they took a serious look at the actionable personnel abuse mess she left at Ryerson and the prospect of labor code violations and employee lawsuits backed them off in a hurry.

Meanwhile back a fortress Ryerson the workplace violation revelations have them looking at re-doing their employment ethics policy before they get lawsuits from the abused employees - so tyrant Cukier is parked on a back burner where she can't foul the stew.