14 September 2016

Sorry, Donna...

I think I'll take my chances...insert alt text here

Interim Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile warned against perusing the documents released in the latest DNC hack, alleging that they could have viruses which damage your computer.
You don't want to miss out...
Perhaps the most important email discovery, however, were March 2015 emails between Powell and major Democratic Party donor Jeffrey Leeds—in which the two discussed how Hillary Clinton’s failing health concerned several senior Democrats, including a U.S. Senator.

UPDATE: Kimmel... bit of a pickle

Some in the media, like Vox, still cling to the hope that it is all a conspiracy theory. But even Jimmy Kimmel had to admit Wednesday night: “You know, these conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton’s health would be a lot harder to believe if they didn’t actually come true.”
Pantsuit on fire, brah.


robins111 said...

The absolute hysterically funny e-mail was the one where they told their staff that they'd been hacked and e-mailed the new password to them.

Bill Elder said...

GOP has totally gone to the dark side - globalists one and all, as ready to sell out their nation as Reptillary and the Demonrats

: personally, I have concluded that America (in the sense of being a cohesive collective melting pot under constitutional rule) is no longer “their country,” nor is it run by those who have American's best interests in mind. Regardless if Trump wins, they’ve pretty much dismantled their culture and national institutions to appease UN communists and foreign people who have not immigrated there yet–which is why I feel nationalist America is irredeemable.

Neo Conservative said...

well, that leaves two choices... down tools and emigrate to australia or hold your nose and vote for the least harmful alternative.


Bill E said...

Neo - my point is that the choices don't matter any more - in Both America and Canada (like Western Europe) "voting" is just a theatrical event to fool us into thinking we still have a say in anything - all parties/governments/media are globalist shills - our asses are chained to an unpayable debt run up by globalists who are flooding the country with 3rd world trash, destroying our nation, culture and quality of life in a last ditch attempt to appease their transnational creditors by showing they have an expanding tax base large enough to offer as chattel to pay the service on even larger debt. Global Keynsian economics is an endless doom cycle for 1st world nations/economies.

In the end game we are chattel, they don't care what you say, what you think, this agenda goes forward and in the end game they will either go full frontal dictatorship to enslave us as tradeable commodities or collapse the system and starve us off so we can't lynch them.

The only reason this scenario has not advances as far as it has in South America or Africa is because we are stilled an armed society and going full frontal tyranny would be , well, messy - but I believe they have contingency plans to work around this resistance.

We will find out very shortly. Eyes on America - when they go, we go.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill e says... in the end game we are chattel"

no argument here.

in 2001, when it came time to put my young son into the public school system, despite my father-in-law offering to pay tuition at ucc, we chose to move out to a rural area, buying up a package of land and leaving all the nasty urban hiccups behind.

10 days later the twin towers were attacked.

you do what you can, i suppose. i have zero regrets about that move and to this day, remain repelled by the thought of living in a big city.

i can't change toronto... but i can and did change my own circumstances. come the inevitable breakdown of social controls, i will call in my family, pull up the drawbridge and wait out whatever carnage ensues.

you're preaching to the converted is what i'm saying.


Bill E said...

WE converted have to start a survival network - no one can resist this alone - strength in numbers - I believe we have to pack it up and all move to a part of the country where our numbers are cncentrated enough to control govt.

AB? Maine? Montana? Pick a place and make a free state.

You KNOW it is coming down to this.

Neo Conservative said...

parts of michigan are already turning into an islamic no-go zone... only a matter of time before british columbia decides to become a sino-asiatic economic territory.

the prairie provinces could become an oil producing economic powerhouse were they not burdened by canada's have-not provinces ontario & quebec.

i could go on and on, but why bother. most people think this is crazy talk... that everyone will live happily ever after. well, kumbayah to them... i'm gonna go inventory my fuel, food & ammo.


Bill Elder said...

Idon't think it's "crazy talk" at all Neo.

It's a conversation that needs to be had - when I see guys like William Gairdner giving up on "fixing the problem with Canada", eking out a Canadian "free state" for the remnants of what used to be free Canada is the only option.

BTW- I have voted for either western independence or western separation every time their fielded a candidate. y friends used think I was nuts but no more.

FYI - Ottawa and TO are starkly aware of conversations like these taking place in "old stock" Canadians and the response is not to do something to alleviate the situation but double down on the timeline to subvert the dominion.

This used to be a pretty damn fine place to live - until 1982