12 September 2016

Airbrushing the Politburo...

...a "professional" journalist makes it look so easy...no whore like an old whore

"Huffington Post editor Sam Stein thought it appropriate to apologize in advance to Clinton supporters for reporters actually doing their job..."
outrageSad doesn't begin to cover it. The mainstream media is closing ranks to minimise the fallout...
"Reporters from establishment media have also attempted to downplay the story. MSNBC host Alex Witt claimed that Clinton left the memorial service early 'to avoid being impolite'."

Twitter has a history of censoring subjects that it does not want trending on its site.
CTV was also quick to get on board...
"Hillary Clinton's diagnosis of pneumonia is a serious concern, but something from which she soon should recover, several doctors and medical experts said Sunday."
Amazing. Wake up and smell the manipulation.


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The House unanimously passed a bill Friday allowing families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia in U.S. courts. But President Barack Obama is almost certain to reject it, setting up the first potential veto override of his presidency.
I thought Bush was supposed to be the Saudi lapdog.


Anonymous said...

To quote the irrefutable Groucho Marx - Who are you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes - the press is having a dissociative moment. We are supposed to believe spin but not observation. There is panic and fear in the ranks of HRC supporters.

Martin said...

So she merely has a cold, completely understandable given the pace of her commitments as implied by CTV. Not that pneumonia can be so easily brushed off in someone her age.
OK, so how about her competitors, fellow Democrats all out on the campaign trail, and what about Trump himself? It must take a lot of energy to shout every day for several hours.
One can assume she has been examined relentlessly by a team of doctors, we saw about 2 weeks ago she could manage a pickle jar, how is it pneumonia never was mentioned before yesterday?
It's sad how the liberal media care not a whit for her well being as long as she can be dragged across the finish line still breathing.

Neo Conservative said...

sure... that's why they penned up her press detail like cattle while all this was going on.

just a cold, you say?


Bill E said...

Hillary's condtion has been known sin 2013 when she was diagnosed with Subcortical Vascular Dementia. Her drug records sho she has been medicating for this since hust after her fall and subsequent blood clot which is what is bringing on the current disease.

The thing is that this disease is terminal, the fast decline is noticeable and it takes a lot of home care to the patient to even walk - there is no way Hillary's insiders don't know or the wider DNC exec - it is also consistent with her behavior as Sec. of state.

I think the media are complicit - key media insiders MUST know of this terminal condition which could see her die before Nov. or in office - WHY?

Here is a medical prof offering th info _

BDFT said...

It says a lot for her mentality that she intends to win the presidency even if it kills her. Most right thinking people would bow out while there is still time and spend their remaining years in relative comfort. It speaks to a certain degree of madness.

Neo Conservative said...

as long as the media is willing to be complicit, the fraud will continue.


Anonymous said...

Remember Jack Layton's miraculous recovery from cancer and his clean bill of health during the 2011 election. Then once it was over oh yeah I'm terminal and then he dies. The whole damn time the press were doing what they are with Clinton. Nothing to see here.

Neo Conservative said...

and that wasn't even layton's most egregious lie.

seems he had a thing for underage, asian hookers... which olivia apparently tolerated.

to a politician, a lie is a means to an end... and that end is invariably getting re-elected.