19 September 2016

Dear CBC... stop dancing around it

Just give her some money... and we'll all watch as she puts the gun in her mouth...

"Kati Mather thought it would be fun to try fentanyl as a party drug. She's one of many people turning to the super-potent synthetic opioid after first taking it by accident — or, at least, without knowing what it truly is. After 11 overdoses, the 22-year-old lives life one day at a time, wondering if she'll wake up tomorrow."
They could hire Jian Ghomeshi back for a new segment called "Suicide Watch"... that'd drive up their audience numbers.


Anonymous said...

owg says.........too bad we can't put sick people in an institution and treat them.

Neo Conservative said...

so much easier to get one of your "professional" journalist employees to put up a puff piece attempting to tug at people's heartstrings.

not sure i understand the line about "taking it by accident", though. did this girl think she was eating smarties?


Bill Elder said...

The core message in the story is - wait for it - addiction is not the fault of the pusher, the junkie or the cops who allow druggie hangouts - it's the governments for having a health system which does not cater to junkies makes them wait for treatment - propably too busy doing useless stuff like giving granny a hip replacement she waited a year for.

Neo Conservative said...

why are we wasting precious, disappearing health care dollars on people who insist on putting a gun to their own heads?

i don't get it.