17 September 2016

Is this the same Sidney Blumenthal...

Hillary was sending classified emails to from her private server?pantsuit on fire

James Asher, (Washignton editor for Injustice Watch and former McClatchy Washington Bureau Chief) claims that longtime Clinton ally Sidney Blumenthal told him that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and asked him to look into it.
For the last couple of days, the Clinton camp has been saying Trump's "the birther."

It's true... the best defence is a good offence... nobody said it had to be true. Remember this little gem from 2008?


Anonymous said...

owg says..........show me the original birth certificate and have it verified, then and only then might I believe that obama is anything other than a fraud and a liar. the green thing he showed was a composite of something and not the original. the original would be white paper with hand written and typed info on it would also have the embossed seal of Hawaii on it. so far no one in America has seen this document.

Neo Conservative said...

both obama's father & stepfather were muslim and he has admitted to being enrolled in a madrassa as a young boy.

the long form birth certificate would show that obama was a muslim... and that would most assuredly upset his applecart.

i do wonder why his cllege records were similarly embargoed.


Anonymous said...

The whole flap over the Keynian birth was a master stroke of diversionary deception - get people nattering over the Kenyan connection to cover up Obama's illegitimacy and his real father -