12 September 2016

Too many junkies?

Don't you worry... Justin has a fix...

Health Canada has amended regulations allowing doctors to prescribe heroin. The change to the former Conservative government's legislation means pharmaceutical-grade heroin can be prescribed under a special-access program.
Next up... home delivery hookers for all you sex addicts out there in Librano-land.

And speaking of sex addicts...
Hunter Tootoo’s inappropriate sexual liaison with a young staffer spiralled out of control when the former fisheries minister broke off the affair so he could pursue a committed relationship with the young woman’s estranged mother, sources say.


Bill E said...

Groovy. Little potato has a smack runner as a patronage client of the LPC - ready to supply all that greasy horse to vibrating junkies across "our home and native land" - go for the junkie vote wee spud!

Neo Conservative said...

so, after you get used to free government suplied pharmaceutical-grade heroin, how do you go back to shooting greasy biker bob's arsenic-laced mystery powder?

trudeau just assumed lifetime responsibility for a generation of degenerate junkies... on your dime.


Anonymous said...

Mary Jane Philpot aims to be the the heroine of drug users,with a more
potent,accessible government funded shot in the arm for drug addicts.

Neo Conservative said...

so what's next... government subsidised blowjobs for sex offenders?