03 September 2016

Step one was was scraping the Hudak...

...off our boots... here's step two...ray of hopeGaffes, what gaffes?oopsI don't even wanna talk about that whole "losing jobs" thing.


Rich said...

And here is the plan...the election stance in a nutshell.

"We are well aware of what has happened in the province, and we will fix it.
It is all about our financial mess. Wynne's government has wasted billions of your dollars causing Ontario to be a have not province. More important- your financial futures and the future of your children and grandchildren are in peril. The waste and idiotic spending must and will stop. This province also cannot keep creating mountains of debt.
We are committed to making electrical energy affordable again and the cancellation of hare-brained generation schemes. Reducing hydro costs will be our number one concern. Ontarians deserve cost efficient, cheaper energy and we will give it to them.
That is promise #1. Ontario tax dollars must be wisely spent for a change and it is the number one responsibility of government. When elected, we guarantee this...there will be no backing down on this issue. I expect and demand that the news media hold us accountable ....we will deliver.
This will help stop the flight of industry from Ontario,stimulate the economy, grow jobs and it will also give the oppressed taxpayer more of their own money back.
Stopping waste,massive changes in electrical energy production and the economy....THAT is the platform."

And don't be trapped by trying to argue or provide specifics on the campaign trail...it just causes a battle of 'expert analysis' and mountains of bad press. And NEVER let candidates or leaders pull grand schemes from their nether-regions and throw them up on the wall ...like those gems of Hari-Kari Hudak and Tory. Take control of the party and make it clear that ANYONE (EVEN THE LEADER) DOING THIS WILL BE FINISHED.....AND DO IT!
When the press tries to buttonhole the leader with specific, off topic questions; never fall for the trap of specific commenting. There is nothing wrong with saying to the press...those issues are not going to be the focus of this government...then repeat what the platform IS.

Bill Elder said...

I guess the people in that riding finally got their electric bill.

As for the rest of Canadians, it will dawn on them when the pogey runs out or they look t their first pension check and see what it doesn't buy.

Neo Conservative said...

hopefully, this is the start of rolling back this liberal insanity.

mcguinty & wynne have doubled ontario's debt since they got in back in 2003.

their smurfian social policies are eroding basic freedoms.

it must stop.


Martin said...

Rich: I agree wholeheartedly with that platform, trouble is I haven't heard Patrick Brown actually articulate it. When I google up his statements, I find he is in favour of carbon pricing, believes "climate change" is a fact (that it is man-made).The platform could have easily been presented last time around, but the PC party insiders were terrified of alienating urban sensibilities or being labeled a CC "denier". If he simply focused on the Energy file alone, the Billions wasted on wind plants and solar schemes, the simple economics of it, he would do all right.
The media will be working overtime to hang some remark or other around his neck, that is a given. He has to ignore that stay on topic even avoid off the cuff remarks. Shouldn't really be that hard, except for the experience of past 3 elections.

Rich said...

I certainly think a party revamp was in order (hope it happened) so that the off the cuff statements are a thing of the past; losing elections the moment a leader goes off topic has been a feature of the PC's.
I remember saying 'it's now over' each of the times Hudak threw out some ill conceived nonsense and I was right.
If we stick to economics being the driver of the platform and not at odds with climate change we can do this...but the top rung of the party has to have its act together and be in tight control of the leader...if not, the bumbling will happen yet again....and I will be done with them forever.

Neo Conservative said...

"rich says... I remember saying 'it's now over' each of the times Hudak threw out some ill conceived nonsense"

i did some business with a former mpp who knew and actually liked hudak in a casual, go to lunch sort of way. what this guy said, was that hudak was an affable, not terribly bright guy, who got wound up and pointed in the right direction each day by his much smarter wife and the times he really got himself in trouble was when he ran out of all the things she had told him to say. sort of like justin trudeau & gerald butts.

the party eventually tried putting close quarter handlers on him, but by then it was too late.

there's no possible way patrick brown could do worse.


Anonymous said...

Brown is not the new Mike Harris - You NEED Mike Harris but he must Speak fluent zombie to get through to those with a media lobotomy - after he's in its slash an burn like Harris on steroids - the Public sector unions must be broken before any popular will democracy ans private sector solvency returns to that province.

Rich said...

Anonymous...right on!
My observations of the electorate is that they have shifted from having a reasonable degree of common sense and at least a passing affinity for logic
to being swayed by emotion without regard to fact.
The era of voters responding to fact based presentations appears to be dead...it is all about the aura of the emotional speaker and whether they are "with it"...modern, friendly and able to stir positive, gut-level vibes. Loath as I am to admit this, I now believe we will never get a PC gov't without having a show biz leader; I'd go so far as to say that is the prime requirement. (Just think Turdeau, you'll understand. He always talks about emotions ..gaack). It works with the alien masses as I now call most of my fellow Canadians. (I use alien as in being from a different planet.)
If you cannot understand what the hell has been going on in the minds of the voters here and in the US...stop torturing yourself; the answer is "nothing"...it's 100% about glandular response. We neglect that at our peril.
I do not believe that Brown has any amount of that sort of horsepower needed to pull this off, I think a new leader is needed ASAP.
If we do not act...even the best platform possible will result in Wynne's re-election.
I am available but expensive...LOL.

Neo Conservative said...

we'll need a total breakdown of social controls before the lunatic left realises what they've done.

fortunately, the liberals are working on that right now.


Rich said...

Spot on.
But they will never admit that they were wrong. It just is not part of their DNA and the missing neurons in their brains.
A prime example of this happened recently when Barbara Streisand announced that she would move to Canada or Australia if Trump won the election. She forgot about making the same statement when George Bush ran for office, won and she stayed put.
The way their minds work is that the emotion of caring deeply and making promises based on that shows how much they care about doing the right thing and equate that with actually doing the right thing or having already done it. Following through is never a concern, it's all about the present emotional stance which determines the person's worth and correctness but NEVER about meaning what you say. So making the same promise twice and not following through just demonstrates that Babs is doubly concerned and doubly righteous.
Liberalism is truly a mental disorder....and a demonstrably dangerous one.

Anonymous said...

"My observations of the electorate is that they have shifted from having a reasonable degree of common sense and at least a passing affinity for logic to being swayed by emotion without regard to fact."

Absolutely Rich - this is now the majority of voters self-destructive media-lobotimized urban metrosexuals who love their economic and cultural enslavement and willingly sacrifice themselves, their children and fellow citizens on an alter of media-pimped 1% agendas which are literally killing them. They now have no concept of supporting a family/spouse or retiring or living comfortably in a single income family home - that is degraded as "old white nuclear family shit" - multicultural 3rd world values and low expectation is the new normal.

I figure there is one last chance to change this before Ontario leads Canada into 3rd world government and the resulting authoritarian austerity - we must either fool the zombies into doing what is best for themselves or we (reasoning self-respecting old stock citizens) will be left no other option than to isolate ourselves from this decay by migrating to one region of the country where we control government and close the border to zombies and zombie dogmas.

Rich said...


.......count me in....bags are packed!