24 September 2016

Ontarians have the most expensive...

... electricity in North America... and it's no mystery why...

Over the last decade, Ontario customers have paid $6.3 billion to cover the cost of selling high-priced electricity to customers outside of the province, according to a new study by the Consumer Policy Institute.

Customers outside Ontario don’t pay the Global Adjustment, so those excess costs are paid only by Ontario ratepayers and act as a subsidy from Ontarians to customers in other states and provinces.
If we're losing, that means somebody has to be "Wynning."


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Two more Liberal senior staffers are paying back almost $55,000 in moving expenses a day after two of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's most senior staff were compelled to repay $65,000 of their own moving expenses.
There's a reason they call them the Libranos.


LAST WORD: How do you know when...

...a Liberal is lying? Yeah... their lips move...
Monsef’s story of fleeing her native Afghanistan was a central part of her campaign when she ran unsuccessfully for mayor of Peterborough in 2014... yet the narrative she has built of being the first Afghan-born Member of Parliament — something trumpeted by the Liberals — isn’t true.
It's getting harder & harder to be shocked.


Bill E said...

There are two primary example of fiscal disaster taught to economic students in the Harvard school of business - both financial mismanagement disasters" were from Canada, both were produced by Liberal governments, both came out of Ontario.

The first was the 2 billion dollar non functional long gun registry (which Quebec is about to repeat probably with massive Fed subsidy funding)

The Other is the Mismanagement of the electric utility in Ontario - This one is a full on frontal Librano patronage masquerading as green energy initiative.

Future generations will read the record of the current Ontario electorate as the worst political cuckholds in history.

Neo Conservative said...

as long as people keep re-electing them, the libranos feel justified in raping and pillaging.

you get the government you deserve.

i'm just glad i heat with wood.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says.........when you have economic intellects who think that producing electricity at a total cost for Ontario of 249.9 million dollars, and sell it for 29.1 million dollars, it is not difficult to see why the he ll Ontario is going broke. these same dimwits think a carbon tax on carbon based organisms living on a carbon based planet is a good idea, well, what the fu ck can one say.

Neo Conservative said...

california, which embraces the same sort of leftbot lunacy, is apparently close to bankruptcy... and they say ontario's per capita debt ratio is much, much worse.

chew on that for a bit.


Anonymous said...

owg says......I am well aware of the numbers, Ontario vs California. it ain't good.