08 September 2016

Smell the statesmanship

No word yet whether he took his shirt off first...

Former Liberal cabinet minister Hunter Tootoo says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hugged him after he revealed he had an inappropriate relationship with a staff member.


enkiduj said...

I did not appreciate this post. There are some images that are far better left unimagined.

Neo Conservative said...

how about justin hugging jian ghomeshi? justin at gay pride hobnobbing with convicted child pornographer benjamin levin.

it could be way worse.


Bill Elder said...

Did I pay for any of this? Was any part of this boozing and puss chasing then drying out done on my dime? You can frig the hugs and touchy feey, I want to be reimbersd for the wasted time I was paying for a functional minister.

I see all the old, " it ain't my fault I frigged up, I was abused and mommy hated me" bla bla bla - when ever I hear this I know the whiny dork hasn't taken responsibility for his own failings and will be back boozing and puss chasing soon - this time with a newly acquired stealth.

Isn't it funny how liberals will lecture you on morality and virtue pose when they are some of the skankiest people you can find.