01 June 2016

Crooks Inc.

Ontario's financial accountability officer says the Liberal government is telling ministries to block information he needs to asses their budget forecasts and program costs.

Progressive Conservative finance critic Vic Fedeli says it seems the only time the public can get the real information from the Liberal government is through a cabinet leak or an OPP criminal investigation.

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A strong majority of Democratic voters think Hillary Clinton should keep running for president even if she is charged with a felony in connection with her private email use while secretary of state, according to a new poll.


Anonymous said...

old white guy does not have much to say other than.........hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Bill Elder said...

This is the natural operational mode of 3rd world political culture in DEINDUSTRIALIZED NATIONS. When you go to 3rd world single party dictatorships which call themselves "the people's party" and rape what private production and property there is for themselves and their cronies, and kill the life blood of an industrial economy this is the type of Banana republic Junta politics you find.

The UN is full of these losers which is why UN policies always are treaty systems to rape the industrial wealth of the west. These lose states are almost always "Marxist" with some political strong man running th show and stuffing his pockets before he blows out of town when the state collapses - This UN loser state is the political model in Ont.

Ontario has been run like a UN 3rd world banana republic for 15 years and the only thing that has staved off revolution or bankruptcy or both is the remnant of international corporations invested in capital-intensive production there. As it is now, Ontario is a negative cash flow operation. It spends more daily to run then it takes in, if it were not for federal transfer payment subsidy from western peto based economies (also being deindustrialized) Ontario would not meet civil service payroll ( think about that CUPE idiots when you badmouth Alberta and Sask)

I'm not surprised the capos of this kleprocracy are playing hide and seek with the auditors.

In less than 5 years Ontario will begin to look like the US rust belt, and with the ensuing crime of similar failed states like Venezuela and Somalia. AND YOU ALL vOTED FOR THIS UNECCESSARY MISERY - BON APATITE SUCKERS