04 June 2016

Generation Jenner

So, if you're a teenager trapped in an aging male body...tighten up

"It was a fantasy of course: an infantile joke that was the product of a red-wine haze. Except, it wasn’t. Because in 2016 the ball lift, aka a Scrotal Uplift aka a Scrotoplasty, is a bona fide thing. Seriously."

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Is that a horga'hn in your pocket... or are you just glad to see me?


LAST WORD: Quality not Quantity
A man fitted with a £70k eight-inch bionic penis after losing his in an accident as a child has had surgery to make it SMALLER.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says............it must be just about time for God to pass judgement on us. We get dumber everyday. People this stupid cannot possibly survive.

Neo Conservative said...

"owg says... People this stupid cannot possibly survive."

too true... you get the kind of society you deserve. if we're so stupid that we will ourselves extinct... that's exactly what should happen.