14 June 2016

You buy heroin for East Vancouver junkies...

...build special aboriginal prisons and bring in 50,000 Muslim refugees from halfway round the world... there just isn't any money left for WWII vets...

The son of a decorated 94-year-old war veteran says he’s shocked after receiving word Monday afternoon that Petter Blindheim has been rejected once again in his bid to stay in one of 13 beds available at the federally funded Camp Hill Veteran’s Memorial hospital in Halifax.

Instead, the family is being told to apply to enter a provincial long term care facility, with Ottawa reimbursing the province for the daily costs.

A spokesman for the Nova Scotia Health Authority said the current median wait for a nursing home bed in the Halifax area is 285 days.
Thank you Justin Trudeau.


jwkozak91 said...

Is Petter Blindheim still a Norwegian subject of King Harald V or a Canadian citizen? 'Cause I thought nationals of Allied countries came second to Canadians (assuming Blindheim was in the Resistance).

Anonymous said...

old white guy says..............I am sick of liberal socialists and their stupid, stupid, ways. Canada is not going to survive the current onslaught of idiocy.

Neo Conservative said...

all of the money the government steals away from taxpayers to flush down that big trough... free dope for anyone who whines enough, government staffed facilities to make sure johnny has clean needles, bennies for hookers and jobs for life for political bagmen in the senate... we're gonna draw the line at providing a bed and care for a centenarian veteran?

really justin?


Anonymous said...

He has no value as a prop in a selfie with the Dhimmi party leader so he's personna non grata.

Stories like this tell us a couple of things - first the superficiality of the government's commitment to real Canadians.

Secondly it reveals the inhumanity inherent in big government administration.

Where would this old hero be had he not had a son to go to bat for him? Probably in potter's field long ago.

F'ing diabolical government scum.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... no value as a prop in a selfie with the Dhimmi party leader"

the libranos are truly back... and with a majority they just don't care who they shit on.