27 June 2016

The first rule of "Fright Club"...

...is to pretend that you can't "smell the crazy" wafting out of the dressing room...blame the jews

"The most sobering part of the story isn’t the reaction anti-Semitism receives back in the West Bank: At the end of his 43-minute speech, Abbas received a standing ovation from the audience of European representatives."
And this paranoid rant is by no means an anomaly... just try reading the Palestinian President’s 1982 doctoral dissertation.

So much for Barack Obama's mythical educated, moderate middle-eastern Muslim.

Of course, there's also this...
"Meanwhile, there are pragmatic worries: Many Palestinians who might be fine with the deal themselves don’t want to get assassinated by people who disagree."
There's no negotiating with fanatics. Ever.


Anonymous said...

Groovey, a whole country founded upon holocaust denial and anti-semitic blood libel - does our head social justice warrior know this? Oh, forgot , Gerald is his brain now and Jerry sez no likie da Ids-ya if you wanna get the Saudi cashola in the Ank-bay

Neo Conservative said...

i worked with a palestinian back in the 70s... and an angrier sumbitch i have yet to meet.

it got really bad during ramandan... he was extra pissed that he had to fast... so much so that people would just get up and leave whenever they saw him enter a room. he was just the sort of freak i imagine would've blown himself up to get even with the world.

another guy there was from pakistan... and he was 180 degrees the other way. the difference was that this guy chose to live in the present... while the pallie was firmly entrenched in the past.


Bill Elder said...

I had the misfortune to take a consulting contract with a small business run/staffed by some of the people in question - it was the worst workplace culture I had ever experienced. Fear and loathing just begins to describe it,

By contrast I used to take lunch regularly with the owner's son who was an unbiased bright outgoing and diligent sort who I really bonded with professionally and as a friend - But he fully understands why I would not renew my contract with his father's business, just too many headaches trying to crack through resistive barriers (culture/language/bias) - I often wonder how someone as advanced as he was survived in that culture, I assume his liberalism is not totally uncommon in his community but I did notice how he clammed up in front of the more "opinionated" types.

I think you nailed the whole Islam issue Neo - many are the nicest folks you'd ever meet but still more are mired in cultural retardation - true xenophobic fear and loathing

Anonymous said...

old white guy says ...........anon, all muslims hate Jews, not just the so called palis. the entire middle east would try and destroy Israel if they were no terrified of being nuked. iran will try eventually to destroy Israel and then we will have a war that makes ww2 look like a walk in the park.

Neo Conservative said...

"owg says... the entire middle east would try and destroy Israel if they were no terrified of being nuked."

the last time the stone-age middle east got up the stones to attack israel, they got themselves beat like a geriatric camel.

google "six day war" and dine on their humiliation.

unlike barack o'blabber, when the israelis say something, you can take it to the bank.