10 June 2016

Because it's 2016...

...right, Justin?

Canada’s top court rules all non-penetrative sex acts involving animals are legal.

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"I've lived under these crooks long enough to know this can mean only one thing, inheritance taxes are going way up."


Anonymous said...

old white guy says.......these loons on the court need to be removed as soon as possible. I have long argued that the appointment of unelected judges to determine law and morality in Canada was just about as foolish as things can get. I was right. parliament needs to rein these jokers in and write law and invoke the not withstanding clause and cut these morons out of the equation.

Bill Elder said...

Speaking of dumb animals, what are they feeding the Kangaroos in the SCC zoo?

It is one of God's punishments that we can't fire the lunatics on the SCC.

Neo Conservative said...

you think things couldn't get any worse? "read america alone" and then try imagine what a sharia court system could do to north america.


Rich said...

The court system is Canada's greatest enemy.

Dollops said...

What is "non-penetrative sex?" Feelthy peektures of unclothed camels? The dog tries to French kiss me, but in the ear is as kinky as I'll allow. Rich, are you saying that courting an animal is a worse danger than voting Liberal?
Seriously, the Legal Guild has the country firmly in its arrogant and greedy grasp. For lawyers and judges (Peter Principled lawyers) any notion of humble service to fellow citizens died long, long ago.

Neo Conservative said...

"dollops asks... What is "non-penetrative sex?"

if you really want details, it's all in the linked article.

perhaps the court is simply paving the way for inter-species marriage.