03 June 2016

Metro Councillors on a venue...

...that has hosted multiple homicides... watch them go all "Lemony Snickets" on it's ass...

“A series of unfortunate events have taken place in and around that address. I wish we could have had a resolution sooner.”
Unfortunate events? Really? Say, Councillors... you're not soft pedaling here because it's an ethnic hangout, are you? 'Cos, that'd be sorta (reverse) racist..
The establishment in question, which was previously known as Rotana Café and more recently Cloud 9 hookah lounge, has been the scene of three murders in three years.

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...and guess these guys weren't simply out-of-work lobstermen...
Police said "Heart of a King", which evolved from a street gang in Nova Scotia, was involved in several homicides in Toronto, including a double murder on Spadina Avenue earlier this year.
Of course the article doesn't name any of the 53 thugs arrested, but don't you worry... I'm sure it'll all work out just fine...
Brandon Rolle of Nova Scotia Legal Aid, who devised the legal strategy, said he believes cultural assessments are the way of the future for sentencing African-Nova Scotians.
Remember... ixnay on the urdermay.


UPDATE: Oh my gawd... a Toronto media outlet...

... actually named names...

Jahmal Richardson, Mitchel Mannette, Denzell Desmond and Kyle Sparks Mackinnon. I wonder how many of these guys belonged to the Kiwanas?
Inspector Bryan Bott said the Heart of a King gang originated from a gang based in Halifax known as “North Preston’s Finest.”
Preston, Preston... that sounds so familiar.


UPDATE2: Don't congratulate yourselves yet, officers...
Toronto Police Const. Craig Brister said a call came in at about 6:30 p.m. regarding a shooting near Weston Rd. and Imogene Ave. Sgt. Rick Rowsone bristled when asked for his take on the Weston Rd. shooting, which happened shortly before dusk on a Friday.

“What do you make of it? It’s crazy, right? The level of indifference is astonishing.”
And within the hour...
Paramedics rushed a man in his 20s to hospital with life-threatening injuries following a shooting at Aukland Rd. and Bloor St W. Friday afternoon.
Get out while you still can.


UPDATE3: Tell me how black lives matter again...
A 10-year-old boy was shot in the shoulder overnight at Blake Street and Boultbee Avenue, which is near the intersection of Pape and Danforth in Toronto's east end.

This shooting comes less than 24 hours after two other shootings in the city, including a brazen daytime shooting in the city's Sheppard Avenue West and Weston Road area.
Summer of the Gun II.


Bill said...

"Out of work" Lobstermen - heh, you'r getting really jaded Neo. Keep it op. Gotta laugh at the insanity or it'll take you down.

Neo Conservative said...

the toronto sun had an article showing pictures of these geniuses. the head thug had a huge painting of himself sitting shirtless with a crown on his head, sitting on a throne while naked women cavorted around him. he not only had a bentley... he had a $100,000 diamond encrusted bentley emblem necklace. the stereotypes abound.

it's as if he watched all those seventies blaxploitation films and tried to create a world around them.

if they weren't stone cold killers it's actually be funny.


Neo Conservative said...


TORONTO - A man is in critical condition after a stabbing early Sunday in the downtown core, bringing the weekend's number of knife assaults to eight.

Toronto Police were called to Spadina Ave. and College St. just before 3:30 a.m. Police say a group of men were approached by another group who attempted to rob them.

the beat goes on.


Bill E said...

"the beat goes on."

That's why I'm spending the day timorrow proving out some new loads - targets are bulls and jugs ;-0

Neo Conservative said...

cabelas has the longslide glock g34... i may just have to give myself a late birthday presaent.