03 June 2016

Remember, don't try this at home...

...unless you're a "professional" journalist...

It goes without saying, (especially when dealing with protected groups like aboriginals) one must never use an unambiguous term like "murdered" when you can dance around actual facts.

Six Nations Police said Wednesday night the three men surrendered shortly after officials learned a 16-year-old boy had succumbed to injuries he suffered earlier in the day.
For the intellectually curious, the unambiguously fatal "injuries" were caused by the explosive supersonic introduction of small, copper-jacketed pieces of lead alloy into this kids body... which is what led to his "succumbing."


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In Rexdale, they call this "Wednesday"...
In a second disturbing video clip, that same man approaches the unsuspecting victim, raises the gun from just over a metre away, and opens fire. The victim, who is blurred out, comes to an abrupt stop as he and his BMX bike fall to the ground, but the shooter continues to fire from close range as he backs away.
TORONTO - A high school principal jumped into action Thursday morning when a bloodied student walked into her east-end school looking for help after being stabbed in the chest. Toronto Police were looking for the stabber, described as a black male between 18 and 20, wearing a red hoodie and dark pants.
I remember when Dalton McGuinty made the Toronto Police Force, er, sorry... Service... change the name of the Black Gangs & Guns Unit. I think it's now called the "Random Pieces of Lead Maid Service."


LAST WORD: Do as I say... not as I do

...from our bulging "stuff Stephen Harper would have been publicly pilloried for in the mainstream media" file...
Justin Trudeau made TWO applications to bring foreign nannies into Canada to look after his children, before he became leader of the Liberal Party and a vocal critic of the temporary foreign worker program, which he blames for driving down wages and displacing Canadian workers.
Hey... I didn't vote for him.


Bill E said...

Quite the violence round up there Neo. Some observasions:

1) "not long after officials learned of the boy’s death, the wanted individuals turned themselves in." They are in reserve stir(a general store back room?) pending bail - pending healing council session then release. At least they kept it on the rez and their hit ratio is lousy.

2) Parking lot shooters on security cam vider -A) great to have this security B) I bet the cops are really miffed at these guys.

3) Turdo's dual standards - I keep tellin' ya, it isn't Truedough/Librano hypocrisy, it's just that accountability is different for the √úbermensch

Bill said...

Just a related note to your ongoing theme of minority crime and white guilt -

Seems they caught up with the "white" UCLA shooting suspect turns out he was an Indian who just killed the American woman he married to get a green card


Neo Conservative said...

the important thing to remember here is that it's not really another aboriginal murder... this kid "succumbed to injuries".

almost sounds peaceful.