03 June 2016

If this was simply about alcoholism...

...Hunter Tootoo should be deprived of his drivers license... not his membership in the Sunny Ways Party...no story here, my pimply arseWith Tootoo & his fellow "Honourable Members" refusing to provide a coherent reason for his being turfed from caucus, we're all free to speculate wildly about his actual offence.


Bill E said...

Well of course it's different for us, we are not bound by the standards we hold you to

- this is why Rob Ford was a 2 year media blood fest and Tootoo's alcoholicm is an enigma.

We're just different is all, better - and above criticism.

Neo Conservative said...

we'll see how sympathetic everybody is when someone inevitably spills what tootoo actually did at the convention to get himself kicked out of caucus.


Ward said...

Maybe he had a few drinks and commented that Justin was not very bright and was only elected due to some name recognition.

Neo Conservative said...

very possible, ward. when mp seamus o'reagan announced he was a drunk, justin made a very public statement of support and later welcomed him back into the party's warm slimy embrace. in contrast hunter tootoo got a very public boot up the ass.

it's either petulance and inconsistency... or tootoo crossed a line. you choose.

ps... for all the fuss the media makes about pierre-lite... put him in a tim horton's uniform and nobody'd look twice.