20 June 2016

That secretive, controlling Stephen Harp...

...wait a minute...

"Citing the same need for privacy, the Liberal government will also not reveal the shipment in question, only referring to the product as a “military item” – and won’t disclose the specific value of the contract."
But, but, but... this is Canada... we're a nation of "Peacekeepers."

Well, not exactly...
"Canada has soared in global rankings to become the second biggest arms dealer to the Middle East."
Don't worry, people... Justin will just fluff his lovely hair and everyone will look the other way.


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Bill E said...

Neo - the "weapons sales" are not arms but LAVs unarmed vehicles from General Dynamics London - that deal was sunk with Saudis in 2013. Dimaco is flat right now so we aren't even selling C7s to anyone.

As for Thailand and Liberal's french kissing Marxist Juntas, well, let's just say the Libranos are keeping the doors open to their favorite sex tourism destination - where else is a pervy Lib MP gonna enjoy a week of kiddie sex all legal like on the taxpayer's dime?

Frances said...

Neo - perchance are most of these military exports manufactured in Ontario and Quebec?

Neo Conservative said...

what i find most interesting about this isn't what item is being sold... but how justin's sainted liberals are able to go through with what they termed in opposition "despicable arms deals".

apparently this is only despicable if you're a conservative. no wonder they're trying to frantically hush things up.


Bill Elder said...

Neo - the Librano dual standard of conduct is so entrenched they call it "the real Canada" or "natural governing" principle - the electorate should reciprocate this duality of nature and instead of rewarding dishonesty with political power, we ignore their demands on our behavior and thinking and do what ever the hell we feel like - just like they do.

Neo Conservative said...

apathy is its own reward... you truly do get the type of government you deserve.