07 June 2016

Remember... back in the day...

...somebody said something "disrespectful"... you'd whip out your illegal "Saturday Night Special" and blow him right out of his Air Jordans?guns for groceriesYeah, me neither.

Thank goodness the politicians have a solution handy.

City Hall is pondering a gun amnesty and local gangsters must be itching to trade their Glocks for grocery coupons.
Or, call me wacky... we could get the police to turn up the heat on illegal gangs & guns.


UPDATE: It'll be at least as effective...

...as banning "black magic" in Malawi...culture relativityFwiw... the poll at CP24.com is currently running at 73% voting no.


BREAKING: Amnesty my ass...

..."Cry havoc and turn loose the dogs of war"...
"A male is dead following a shooting at Yonge Street, just south of Eglinton Avenue, around 3 p.m., paramedics have confirmed."

"Two men were seen fleeing the area in a black vehicle. One male was last seen wearing a green construction vest, the other an orange construction vest."
The shooters are not the caucasian heirs to a Toronto realty dynasty... so no physical descriptions will be provided.


BREAKING2: Ask Talk Radio... all balls, no PC bullshit
Police are now looking for two black men, one who was wearing a green construction vest, and the second man was wearing an orange construction vest.

Toronto Paramedics say the victim is a man around 30 years old.
Just the facts, ma'am. That's why it's called NEWS. No wonder television & print media are going down the crapper.


Bill E said...

Gun amnisties are a large signal that your political leaders have exhausted what little ideas they have to avoid dealing with the problem of ethnic violence and gangs.

Personally I would charge parents as accessories in these murders and shootings because so many know their pride and joy is packing heat and running in the drug biz.

Nick a few of these degenerate parents and see how fast the rest will turn in their criminal off spring

Neo Conservative said...

this is a no brainer.

we have strict laws regarding illegal guns in this country. enforce them.

the typical gun-toting drug posse member, by the time he gets caught, has racked up multiple convictions for possession and use of weapons.

use a gun... you're done. the first time we catch jamal with his smokin' saturday night special, he goes to slam and stays there for a goodly portion of his wasted life. a second conviction doubles the sentence. anyone without citizenship gets deported at the end of their full sentence.

stop warehousing the paul bernadoes and russell williams of the world. you're gonna release them into the world some day? c'mon canada... jock up.


Neo Conservative said...


"Sohan Deo identified the dead man as his nephew, Sukh Deo."


favill said...

Why would any police force destroy the only means (violent gangs/organized crime) of increasing their numbers and budgets?