13 June 2016

More bang for your buck

Looking to replace your plummeting investments in solar panels and gluten-free breakfast cereal?

bang on
• Shares of major gunmakers rallied in trading on Monday, one day after the deadliest mass shooting in US history.

Smith & Wesson shares jumped by as much as 11%, while Sturm, Ruger & Company shares rallied 8% •
It took the Orlando police service four hours to enter and clear this building. One citizen with a legally registered firearm and a concealed carry permit could have ended it in four minutes.


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Funny how the word "Muslim" doesn't make it into the Red Star headline...pumping ironRemember... pencils write poetry... cars kill pedestrians... so will the Toronto Star be calling for the registration or banning of Nautilus™ machines?

Red Star readers, you've been warned... that beefy guy right beside you waiting to use the squat rack is probably a homicidal homophobe.

Or is he?