13 June 2016

More bang for your buck

Looking to replace your plummeting investments in solar panels and gluten-free breakfast cereal?

bang on

• Shares of major gunmakers rallied in trading on Monday, one day after the deadliest mass shooting in US history.

Smith & Wesson shares jumped by as much as 11%, while Sturm, Ruger & Company shares rallied 8% •
It took the Orlando police service four hours to enter and clear this building. One citizen with a legally registered firearm and a concealed carry permit could have ended it in four minutes.


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Funny how the word "Muslim" doesn't make it into the Red Star headline...pumping ironRemember... pencils write poetry... cars kill pedestrians... so will the Toronto Star be calling for the registration or banning of Nautilus™ machines?

Red Star readers, you've been warned... that beefy guy right beside you waiting to use the squat rack is probably a homicidal homophobe.

Or is he?


Neo Conservative said...

i'm totally onboard with the toronto star... for starters we need 24/7 surveillance on arnold schwartzenegger & lou ferrigno... wait a minute... look what's buried at the end of their article...

"Authorities immediately began investigating whether Sunday’s attack was an act of terrorism. A law enforcement official said the gunman made a 911 call from the nightclub professing allegiance to the leader of Daesh, also known as ISIS."

sweet baby jebus!


Martin said...

By chance I had the TV on when the first news appeared. The description "domestic terror" sent me to the net, where it quickly was established just who was responsible. I then juxtaposed CBC with CNN and watched as the CBC reporters twisted themselves into knots to avoid giving the terrorists's name, when all the while it was prominently displayed on the CNN screen. This went on for several minutes, CBC hand wringing with no solid reporting, when all the net had the culprit, his religion/background and motivation. Finally an upcoming FBI news briefing forced their hand and they ID the shooter. Still awaiting the "lone wolf" analysis, but it is sure to be forthcoming. $1.3B just does not buy much accurate reporting any more.

As to the "no one saw this coming" routine, the FBI interviewed the shooter twice in the past 3 years; some of them saw it coming but were prevented from acting. Americans have seen this movie too many times recently.

Bill Elder said...

Gun free zone again - Florida is a must issue concealed carry state but carry in a bar or any establishment selling alcohol is prohibited.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says..........all together now folks, Islamic jihad, one more time with feeling, ISLAMIC JIHAD.

BDFT said...

I must have missed the headline about the outcry of sympathy from the international muslim community. I doubt that ISIS is flying any rainbow colour flags today.