31 May 2016

It turns out that I’ve been...

...training to fight ISIS my entire life...locked and loadedMore here.


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"I went to France right after the Bataclan attack and spoke to Parisians on the street. Virtually everyone I spoke to was totally oblivious to the threat of Islam and treated the whole thing like it was some random train crash. They’ve gone from tolerance and multiculturalism to self-hatred, and today they would literally rather die than offend anyone, especially Muslims."
Wake up and smell the slaughter.


Anonymous said...

What you have pictured here could be an official visitor from the firearms control agency come to do an impromptu inspection of your duck guns.

Or it may be an agent of the new transphobia enforcement squads come to steal your computer and take you away for violating cyber feelings with your facebook posts.

Or it could be the agent of the age old drug reinforcement squads come to make sure your medical marijuana supply does not exceed licenced proportions

Or it could be an officer of the illegal milk, honey, meat, cheese, egg etc enforcement agency come to confiscate illegal organic food.

Or it could just be a routine summons delivery - http://tinyurl.com/jojbndm

There are problems in identifying state sponsored agents of terror from freelance terrorists these days - hard to tell the terrorists apart without an "official" guide.

Rich said...

First correct aim point....about a foot below the bottom of the 7 ring.

Next 16....... centre of mass.

Neo Conservative said...

"rich says... First correct aim point..."

or as it's known in ipsc circles... "zimbabwe"


Anonymous said...

old white guy says........... I was one hell of a shooter years ago. could put your eye out with one round and the next in the same eye if I could chamber it fast enough. we didn't get to do that though. can still put 14 rounds in a 6 inch diameter target with a handgun. we must keep the few skills we have as we age.

Anonymous said...

In bench rest circles it's called a broken goup

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... In bench rest circles it's called a broken goup"

yeah... i was kind of arsin' around... zimbabwe is an anti-terrorist kevlar drill... "two in the belly, one in the head, guaranteed to leave them dead."