09 June 2016

You've got a Grade 8 education...

...and the sum total of your work experience to date is flogging streetcorner pharmaceuticals... what sort of a "career" do you imagine is on the horizon...

A trio of leaders representing the African Canadian Coalition of Community Organizations came to City Hall Wednesday as Mayor John Tory joined fellow councillors in supporting a gun amnesty program which would trade guns for grocery coupons.

"Coupons are not enough, these people need jobs. They need careers.”
Hang on a second, is that how things work? Do governments just hand out "careers?" It seems the African Canadian Coalition of Community Organizations thinks so.
Knia Singh says, "It’s not enough to say we have gangsters and we have people pulling triggers,” he said. “The real issue is, why are they pulling the triggers? Why are they OK with killing each other indiscriminately anywhere?"
So, Mr Singh... you're acknowledging your "community" is rife with unrepentant murderers? I guess that's a start. Maybe Justin Trudeau can find them life-enriching careers when he beefs up the infrastructure of his enlightened, futuristic "medical marijuana" industry.

PS... if I'd known that John Tory was gonna be handing out "careers" regardless of education or experience, I'd have saved that $20,000 plus per annum it's costing to put my son through university.


UPDATE: Here's one... how about...

...they commit more crimes?
“There are a number of sociological causes for the overrepresentation of African Canadians in prisons and the justice system.”

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...that talking in politically correct code is not the answer...
“A series of unfortunate events have taken place in and around that address. I wish we could have had a resolution sooner.”
Drop the PC argle-bargle... start calling things by their proper names.


Frances said...

Actually, the government does give out careers - those "affirmative action" hires. Usually totally incompetent, but they increase the "diversity" of the civil service, and that goal is considered way more important than having a functioning department actually doing its job.

Neo Conservative said...

frances, too true.

i recently saw a 250 lb, 5 foot nuthin' visible minority cop staking out no-left turn intersection in toronto... but the weird thing is, there's a traffic cam right there that does just that.

i wonder if people were getting slammed twice for the same offence.

this guy would obviously have been useless in a fight or a foot pursuit... i'm guessing they gave him an unmarked van and told him to head out and try look busy.


Bill Elder said...

GTA is a metro core in transition. Unfortuntely it is in transition to the very thing we see in LA, Chicago, Baltimore and Oslo - welfare ghetto culture will soon run city hall - you watch. It's like watching a live performance of Mike Judd's "Idiocracy" in slow motion.

Leave while your property is still worth something because when Ontario's credit/economy collapses so do real estate prices. Sorry to say the jungle is reclaiming civilization there.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill elder says... a live performance of Mike Judd's "Idiocracy"

and it's not just the hood that's devolving. what happens when the university of toronto places the muslim prayer room right next to the lgbt-trannie safe space? that could get ugly real quick.