30 June 2016


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‘Grime’ rapper Lunar C tweeted ahead of Britain’s European Union referendum that he and “his pals” would “run a train” on Mr. Farage’s daughter. He did not specify which daughter, but Mr. Farage’s young girls are aged 9 and 15 respectively.
How long before the "rap" community starts to trying to spin this violent, misogynistic babble as the "Music of Peace?"

I'm speechless.


Bill E said...

Gun free zones are a shooting gallery - they are fly-over country for Canadians/Americans who have not surrendered their personal security to a pathologically dysfunctional state.

Only those who have been conditioned to be human prey will live in this condition as defenseless bait fish in a sea of sharks - Eloi writ large.

Neo Conservative said...

hussein obama was the junior senator from illinois before he became golf-pro-in chief. he actually lived in chicago.

what has obama done to fix things for the largely black demographic in this third world hellhole of a dying city? bupkis.

instead he has ramped up the racial rhetoric to a point not seen in the usa in the last 150 years. trayvon, ferguson... the pr disaster with louis gates? his direction to homeland security forbidding the use of the phrase islamic terrorist?

it's just shameful. that's what's driving people to trump.


Anonymous said...

old white guy asks......why don't you put up a site of your own. There is a lack of conservative site that one can comment on. blogging tories is not the best.

Neo Conservative said...

"owg asks... why don't you put up a site of your own."

i guess that's what this is... only i don't have to worry about an isp, hosting fees, blah, blah, blah...