28 June 2016

Somebody's been smokin' the good sh!t

Grandiose Eco-Promises from the failed state that can't even guarantee citizens won't be savagely beheaded by one of its ubiquitous drug cartels...

Mexico will announce that 50 per cent of their electricity will come from clean power sources by 2025 at the Three Amigos summit in Ottawa this week.
The sad truth is, lawless, anarchic Mexico can't predict what will be happening 9 minutes from now... never mind 9 years... but that's just white noise anyway.

The real entertainment here, as usual, will be watching the sheeplike mainstream media kiss Justin Trudeau's ass non-stop for the duration of this event.


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An unstoppable green force meets an immovable religious object...
Once completed, the $80-million project would include replicas of the four Chinese sites. They would cover almost 700 hectares, with traditional temples and a 40-kilometre path for walking meditation.

But a project to build 15 wind turbines nearby is now threatening that vision, according to the Buddhist group that's building the complex.
Oh, my... sort of like what's gonna happen when the University of Toronto sets up a Muslim prayer room next to the LGBT safe space.


Bill E said...

I understand our brain injured PM killed Kenny's visa requirement which stemmed the illegal migration from Mexico 5 years ago - it seems the Librano demographics fixers are pulling out all the stops to rig the next election.

BTW if you want to see where this leads look at the 5 south west states which took 60% of illegal Mexican migrants - violent crime up, drug crime up, resurgence of TB and other previously iradicated diseases - not to mention a hostile anti-US, anti-white Mexican KKK which is working its way into the governing systems.

Justin must get a brain transolant ASAP

Martin said...

I can't help but notice that Nuclear power is included in the mix of clean energy, that 81% of Canada's supply is clean if it is included. Well quite, but you might want to run that by the green zealots at Queens Park. To them, nuclear is bad, wind good, even though like today it supplies 61% of Ont power, Add in hydro and the figure jumps to 84% today. So if these figures were available 10 years ago and about 80% of Ont supply is green, then the multi billion lurch into wind and solar power is the answer to exactly what problem? McGuinty and Wynne could have simply emphasized that reality and saved consumers part of 37 Billion on rate excesses.The source of the story is CBC not noted for trumpeting nuclear power, but there you have it.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says.............I was going to comment but it is pointless.

Neo Conservative said...

"martin asks... the multi billion lurch into wind and solar power is the answer to exactly what problem?"

when kathleen wynne leaves office she will be magically be awarded positions on the boards of all these eco-companies... a tidy, not too stressful income stream for her old age.

meanwhile anything with a green tinge plays well with the librano sheeple.



Fred from BC said...

Ah, yes...wind power. The most expensive, least efficient, least reliable alternative out there (with one of the highest environmental costs to build, no less).

I've never understood why hydro-electric power is never mentioned during these discussions. What could be more green? Or efficient? Or reliable?

Neo Conservative said...

"fred from bc says... why hydro-electric power is never mentioned"

well, fred... these discussions are never about "facts"... they are simply a delivery of propaganda.

google "mark steyn" and "michael mann" for a great example of how this works.