01 June 2016

Politics 101

No incentives "not to lie."

Provincial and Federal political candidates undergo extensive questioning & screening before being allowed to run. Cabinet Ministers go under a microscope. So, in order to get where they were, these folks either lied extensively... or the Party gave them a pass. And if you're caught out, there's no penalty... in fact, unless you have conservative leanings, you're too often lauded for your "courage."

In the November Canadian Press interview, Tootoo said he was “very proud to be the first aboriginal person, first northern person to be appointed to this position.”
So what underlying event suddenly possessed the Minister to fess up and pack it all in? You the voter don't get to know, as Tootoo is pleading for privacy. And, unlike Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, Tootoo will get the heartfelt cooperation of the left-leaning MSM.
Tootoo isn’t the first Liberal MP in this government to seek help for addiction problems.

In January, rookie Newfoundland MP Seamus O’Regan announced he was back to work after getting help for a drinking problem.
So, Seamus O'Reagan & John McCallum can be dried out and rehabilitated... but Hunter Tootoo can't? What are Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party not telling us?


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This was his own choice after a very difficult situation,” the prime minister said in a very brief statement Wednesday. “We will have nothing more to say on this matter.”

Asked what the ‘”situation” was, Trudeau did not respond.
Surprise, surprise.


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...somebody has cut Tootoo loose...
"On the evening of July 23, 2006, I was informed by the general manager of Arctic Insurance Brokers Ltd. that they had decided to restructure and that I was no longer part of their structure. I immediately went to my computer to try and email the owner of Mones and Associates for an explanation and discovered that I had already been locked out of their email system."

UPDATE: Tootoo in deep poopoo?
Sources told CTV News there was an incident at the Liberal convention in Winnipeg this past weekend, which was serious enough that Tootoo is also leaving the party’s caucus.
Let the coverup begin, eh Justin?


LAST WORD: Too too secretshsh... it's a secret
BuzzFeed Politics reporters on Twitter (Paul McLeod and Emma Loop) are questioning the differences between this announcement and Seamus O'Regan's departure previously. Interestingly, this one does not include any best wishes from Trudeau or the LPC for a swift recovery, and doesn't express a hope that Tootoo will return to Cabinet soon.

Loop is reporting (via CTV) that "sources say there was an incident with Tootoo at the Lib convention on weekend, serious enough to be kicked from caucus."
Maybe the Liberals can get Sophie to do some risque yoga stuff... and distract all the palookas in the mainstream media.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says...........lies and corruption are the rule in Canada and Canada's governments. There was an honest man in office but he was voted out in favour of a silver spoon socialist who never worked a day in his life, by the way, make work jobs are not jobs they are pastimes.

Neo Conservative said...

a spoiled millionaire trust fund baby who never had to work a day in his life.

and yes, he's living up to all my expectations.


Anonymous said...

He still hasn't had to work a day in his life. He's given his script and told not to veer from it, except to do celebrity-style schmoozing at his pleasure.

Anonymous said...

The media tone between these "addiction issues" in the LPC and Rob Ford is stark - it is the reason we have bad leadership.