08 June 2016

Wait a minute...

...the government has absolutely no compunction about funding the killing of perfectly healthy people in utero...

One of the key plaintiffs in the court battle for physician-assisted death is celebrating the historic decision coming into effect, but calls the federal government’s handling of the new law a betrayal.

Lee Carter said the Liberal government has crafted a bill so restrictive it would have excluded her own mother, whose medically assisted death outside Canada was at the centre of the Supreme Court of Canada decision.

Kay Carter, 89, was suffering spinal stenosis, a disease that is painful and irreversible but not terminal, when she ended her own life in Switzerland in 2010.
Meanwhile, the government is warehousing Paul Bernardo and Russell Williams... for what?


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...and society gets to put one in the win column...
A Vancouver man and alleged drug dealer, 34-year-old Sukhvir Deo is the victim of yesterday’s fatal shooting in the Yonge and Eglinton area, police sources told CTV Toronto. Deo was previously found guilty of five different offences in BC, according to public records.

One police source described Deo to CTV Toronto as “an animal.”
Serendipity. This guy was a cancerous boil on the country.


Frances said...

My parents' generation did not have this option. They ended their lives "naturally", and we walked with them on their way. It was not always easy, and I will bear the scars to my deathbed. But I would not have had it any other way. We were fortunate in that no one was suffering irremediable pain, but their passage was not always easy. What I dearly wished for - especially for my mother - was decent access to a good nursing home. Forget the expense: Mum had some money tucked away and I would have gladly spent that on giving her a better last few months, but I never figured out the options. That being said, our family walked with Granny for her last few months, and they would all say it was a journey well walked.

Issues become difficult under different circumstances. Remember visiting an aunt of my husband - then in the local extended care facility after many mini-strokes. She did not recognize her nephew, but she very much enjoyed the visit. Such people live in the moment: if asked, I would say now I would rather be dead then be that way, but Auntie Margaret was very happy, and thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

I recognize there are hard cases - which famously make for bad law - but truly believe Canada has a serious lack of proper palliative care, proper care for the mentally ill, and a decent pain relief protocol. However, rather than approach and handle these issues, the government has gone the "approach of a 'throw'away' society" (quote from Anglican Planet). It is, after all, much more cost-effective to "off" Granny than to walk with her on her final journey. But the cost to society, in normalizing and even promoting the "off Granny" solution, is and will be an increasing devaluation of human dignity. We will no longer be considered the sons and daughters of God, and to be respected as such; we'll merely be mechanical unit to serve the State.

Anonymous said...

Where to begin with this... Canada, or should I say Trudopia, is fast becoming a death cult, its totally bizarre and really distressing to see the country become so deranged and distorted. I think these Carter people are creeps frankly, they seem to be happy to play the role as some kind of "victim" because the Canadian State wouldn't kill their Mother. My real disappointment in this sorry case is how the Trudeau Supreme Court dictated this whole death cult spiral, no debate with Canadians, no consultations with Canadians, just one family used as a prop in order for the Supreme Court to impose their pulled out of thin air dictates. The unelected unaccountable Supreme Court dictates how the medical association behaves, in this case the Courts dictating that doctors and the medical professionals start killing citizens. Yep the same Supreme assholes that say that Capital Punishment for hideous creatures like Paul Bernardo and Clifford Olsen would be "un-constitutional"(UnTrudopian). This country is run by some evil autocrats and this dictate of State imposed death is only the beginning, pandoras box has been torn open, not because Canadians wanted it opened but because an unelected unaccountable political body dictated that it be opened. Trudeau the 1st really did a number on this country, I hope he enjoys his seat in hell the SOB.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says.........never let it be said that Canadians are an intelligent lot, because they are not.

Neo Conservative said...

here in canada we have no compunction about killing babies in utero, but we zealously protect the lives of rapists and murderers. invariably, when governments get involved in such things it should give brave men (and women) pause.

if only common sense and free will were involved here.

mrs neo watched her mother die a slow painful death from lung cancer. her mother, at one point, begged for a fatal dose of morphine. that did not happen.

my father, whom i did not get along with, died under similar circumstances in a longterm care facility. the difference is that one of my siblings went to the attending physician and pointedly argued that my father was in terrible agony (which he was). the doctor, mercifully in my opinion, administered a f@ckluck of narcotics, that, coincidentally, put him out of his misery. i suspect this happens all the time.

the law proposed by the liberals seems to satisfy no one. a parliament that sees babies as disposable commodities, (a canadian study found ethnic women disposing of female babies in record numbers) yet turns loose greyhound bus beheader vince li does not have the moral authority to dictate life & death to the terminally ill.

the people of canada, who should be making this decision via referendum have their heads up their asses about polar bears, men occupying womens bodies and scoring government subsidised dope.

i fear for my country.

if i find myself suffering a terminal illness, i will make my peace with the universe, say goodbye to my friends and family and step off the proverbial ledge at a time of my choosing. depending on the benevolence of justin, or any other self-important bobblehead for any issue of significance is the real madness.


Bill Elder said...

Neo - you enunciate the result of secular amoralism and post modern relativist values - brought to you by creeping cultural marxism.

In the socialist cradle to grave state, you are an entitlement burden to the system - the faster thay can get you off state medicine the better - state medicine was instituted as a form of soviet rationing - we see this in the elegebility for expensive medical procedures when you are over 65.

As for the assisted suicide bill, as written it i unconstitutional - at least Canada;s foremost constitutional authority is saying and past SCC precedent would have it - apparently this infringes the right to life.

I'm hoping some Christian group launches a constitutional challenge and wins - because a win for life over death in the euthanasia game will impact a future constitutional challenge to full term abortion.

Neo Conservative said...

to sum up... i wouldn't let the spawn of pierre walk my dog... never mind dictate life & death issues.