15 June 2016

Meet "Muhammed Alicia"

Just a dainty little ballerina... trapped in a palooka's body...slaughter

It remains to be seen if the latest fight, which left an opponent so severely injured, will affect the rules of MMA fighting. But for now, Fox remains classified as a female fighter – and ready to fight, with the advantage of being born a man.
What happens when Boyd Burton, er... Fallon Fox kills some massively overmatched woman in front of millions of pay per view spectators?

Will it result in criminal charges... or a jubilant countrywide celebration of transgender rights?


marc in calgary said...

Boyd Burton will not want me on his jury....

Neo Conservative said...

i guess it's his/her/it's proverbial 15 minutes.

used to be he was just some dude would steal his girlfriend's panties... now he's a world class woman beater.

steppin on up, yo.


dmorris said...

What will happen? Ratings will skyrocket.

The audience for MMA would like nothing better than to see someone killed, they'd probably have to hold their events in football stadiums after a death in the "octagon".

Neo Conservative said...

"dmorris says... have to hold their events in football stadiums"

you know what? you're probably right.


The Phantom said...

This stuff went over big in ancient Rome. They had a whole big sports center and everything. The Coliseum, I think it was.

I think the women will wise up and not fight this guy. That would be a true spectacle, eh? The fighters all stand up, throw a towel on the deck and walk out.

Anonymous said...

This will happen in all "womens" sports - basketball, soccer, track and field etc. The MMA community should boycott all fights with this person.

Neo Conservative said...

olympic games, perchance?