24 June 2016

That smelly old "Weinie Wagger"...

...on the subway... just think of him as an artiste...wash your hands

Performance artist Milo Moiré wears a trapezoidal skirt made up of mirrored surfaces and invites passers-by to reach into a rectangular opening at the front to touch her vagina.
Sweet baby jebus.

I'm looking forward to hearing enthusiastic reviews when she takes her Imaginarium to Tehran, or Baghdad, or...


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Smokey Bear to get leather chaps & glitter sunglasses...gaywash
“I believe our national parks should reflect the full story of our country,” the president said.
Hmmm... are you sure about that, Mr President?


Neo Conservative said...

upskirtdate: "Swiss artist Milo Moiré has been arrested in London after allowing strangers to stroke her genitals for her latest performance piece."


Bill E said...

Mtem #1 - milo would have a lifetime fill or reactions to her performance art if she ran this practical joke in a migrant camp - yes Virginia there is a reason "performance art" does not exist in darkest Africa.

Item #2 Does this mean the Orlando night club will now become a GLBT war memorial? Forgive my nativity but I'm not up on the latest neurotic twitches of our dying culture.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill e. says... the latest neurotic twitches of our dying culture."

don't worry, in a couple of decades muslim immigration will ensure the rise of the new caliphate in north america.

after the implementation of sharia law... artistes such as this will be the first folk to be hung from city lightposts.