27 June 2016

Just thank your lucky stars...

...the politicians have declared Toronto a "nuclear weapons-free zone"...

Police say a woman was slashed twice in the face in an unprovoked attack in the Danforth and Pape area when a man approached her and began to yell. Police say a verbal altercation took place between the two, and then the man pulled out a knife and slashed her twice in the face. Police describe him as black and wearing a black hooded sweatshirt.

It was a busy night for Toronto police, as they responded to several other stabbings and one report of a shooting overnight.

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A 39-year-old man, Courtney Rocker of Toronto has been charged with human trafficking after a teen was recruited into the sex trade earlier this month, Toronto police say.
A man driving a car in Ajax was shot at after getting into a confrontation with two pedestrians, police say. The man was not injured in the shooting but police said the bullet caused damaged to the car’s front grill.

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Shots rang out in the Keele Street and Dundas Street West area, shortly before midnight on Sunday night. Two teens – a male and a female – have been taken to hospital, one with serious injuries, after a shooting in the Pelham Park area.
The Mayor's office has not yet disclosed which gun club the shooters belonged to... but local hunters and farmers are being rounded up for questioning.


LAST WORD: Institutionalised Anti-Racism
Police say they are looking for a large group of males who were seen running away from the scene of a double shooting in the city’s Pelham Park neighbourhood late Sunday night.

No descriptions of the males have been released.
Media expectations are that police raids will shortly be conducted at select Upper Canada College fraternities.


Bill E said...

I'm thinking it has to be those roving gangs of Harper voters or pentecostal gangs,- and those Jehova's even come right into the neighborhood going door to door casing places for burglaries, bet they all pack heat. - I hear these two are responsible for all the evil on the planet

Neo Conservative said...

i'm just waiting for the toronto 'red star' to do an investigative series on violent, roving packs of fanatical hassidic jews, bible spouting evangelicals and disaffected middle-aged presbyterians.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says...........I wonder if they have figured out how to stop a nuke from exploding when it is at ground zero. right, they can't, just bend over and kiss your a ss goodbye.