28 June 2016

Those ignorant, paranoid hillbilly Preppers

It's just so much fun to sit around and make fun of those crazy-ass EOTWAWKI™ survivalists... right? •

"The Strategic National Stockpile got its start back in 1999... since then, even though the details aren't public, it's clear that it has amassed an incredible array of countermeasures against possible security threats."

"Greg Burel, director of the SNS program says, 'We currently value the inventory at a little over $7 billion
That's a whole lot of batshit crazy, Barack.


Bill E said...

Being a life long hiker, kayaker, horseback trekker, hunter and all round rural culturalist, I've done a little stockpiling myself - for the same reasons the feds do - not "TEOTWAWNI" but SHTFBIOBO (shit hits the fan bug-in or bug out) - I think natural disasters are everybody's concern and we should do all we can to care for ourselves, family and friends in the event we are isolated by nature from "the grid".

I have enough non perishable food, water, fuel, heaters, to last out at least 8 months in forced isolation. It came in handy when the floods last hit but the real threat in the digital age is a natural or man made EMP event - being self sufficient is a comfort in a day and age when it is increasingly obvious our government can only make things worse than they are in a disaster ( see High river and FT, Mac).

Being prepared is NOT the modern equivalent of the loon your Dad knew who built a fall out shelter in the back yard - it is a practical way to keep the lights, heat and communications on when the grid goes dark aand the bridges go out - for what ever reason. Ants and grasshoppers baby! That's how it rolls out today.

BTW: I see it's easier to get freeze dried foods in bulk and popular cal. ammo now that the Feds have stopped buying up all the available production to fill their SHTF warehouses first. For the feds this is like stockpiling gold because when the EOTWAWKI does come, that food and ammo is the new currency and those stockpiles are fort knox.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says....... all that shit has a shelf life. I wonder how much of it is now garbage. 7 billion dollars.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill elder says... Ants and grasshoppers baby!"

if the recent three day power outage ahd gone on much longer you would have seen rioting in the streets in every major city in ontario.

people have no idea of the fragility of our "just in time" delivery systems.


Bill E said...

"old white guy says....... all that shit has a shelf life"
25 years for freeze dried guaranteed if kept dry and cool - but there evidence it will last longer - even subterranean cached - cans - not so good.

Anonymous said...

"people have no idea of the fragility of our "just in time" delivery systems"

Neo - the JIT retail supply chain for most larger urban centers stocks 3 days of food for the relevent population density, there is about 4 days of fuel in pumps and propane retail, and then it's 18th century living - within a week food rioting begins and roving gangs form to raid supplies - when that plays out they take to the rural districts to pillage - in Canada if you are or can get to your safe place and it is over a day's drive from urban centers, you may last out the next 4 months , where the army estimates 1/2 of the population will perish by starvation, exposure, thirst or misfortune.

That means that any natural disaster which isolates a metro area from its supply chain logistics by taking out roads, bridges, pipelines etc. will probably isolate that area for up to 1/2 a year depending how much infrastructure must be rebuilt to reconnect it. Until order is restored, the predators (official and free lance) will rule the jungle - if you can bug in or bug out and outlast them, nature will eventually take its course on them. But you have to have a viable plan.

No, not a doubt in my mind the rainbow unicorn selfie gens zombies have ever considered the fragility and precarious nature of being totally dependent on tenuous systems to feed, shelter and protect them.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... Until order is restored, the predators (official and free lance) will rule the jungle."

thx for the synopsis here.

those of us out in the rural areas already prep to some extent... farmers have generators and many families garden and can food... almost everybody has a firearm.

life in the urban areas would quickly degenerate into hell as criminals realise no electricity means no cameras or alarms... and a police force that just wouldn't be able to keep up.