22 June 2016

Pencils write poetry, cars murder pedestrians

"Blaming guns for the Islamist murder of 49 people in the Orlando gay club, is like saying that Zyklon B gas was the cause of the Holocaust..."
Simple. Straight. Succinct.

Of course, not everyone agrees...
"President Barack Obama’s loyal Attorney General is struggling to help the president’s see-no-Islam narrative survive the massacre at the Pulse gay nightclub."
No surprise there, I guess...
"Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen supported Hillary Clinton."
Yeah... I'm shocked.


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Any time the government wants to do anything out of public sight... alarm bells should start ringing...

pencils write poetry
The SIU has said its policy requiring family consent to release the name of a relative killed by police was adopted in 2012 as a result of concerns brought forward by complainants or their family members. It was developed after research into the practices of other police watchdogs, which vary from province to province.

The policy is in contrast to the usual police practice of routinely releasing the names of homicide victims, even if it’s against the wishes of family. In homicide cases, the release of the victim’s name can elicit valuable information.
No talking about the people involved. Let's just demonise guns.

Motorcycle riders are very often referred to as "Organ Donors" in hospital Emergency Rooms. When will the lunatic left start calling for a ban on Harley Davidsons?


LAST WORD: Is Big Media lobbying for a...

...National Narcissists Registry... 'cos, as far as I can see, that'd involve locking up just about everybody in North America under the age of 30...

Remember, despite his own admission, Omar Mateen was an obsessive, in the closet bodybuilder and not an Islamic terrorist. And Christina Grimmie's killer, well... he had a little obsessive-compulsive disorder... and not what some of us "knuckle-draggin' neocons" would call "crazy as a shithouse mouse"...
"Geek Squad killer Kevin Loibl went on a mission to change his appearance for Christina and, toward the end, got hair transplants and Lasik eye surgery. He also went vegan to lose weight."
At least they're not trying to blame it on the gun.


Martin said...

Right, even as these jihadists spell out in their own words just what moves them, liberal media insists their motivation remains a mystery. Recall the cowardly terrorist who murdered Cpl Nathan Cirillo at point-blank range in Ottawa. He was also portrayed as mentally affected, a lone wolf, disturbed etc. Being radicalized by Jihad entered not all all into his mindset, so we are to believe.

Neo Conservative said...

cbc radio (mrs neo listens while doing kichen stuff) did an hour long program on "ar15 assault rifles" this morning.

guess how many times the words "muslim" or "islam" came up.

yup... that'd be zero.


Anonymous said...

Current regressed political priorities and general government/media ineptitude is why I'm stepping up my range time and doing multi target fast fire routines.

Bill Elder said...

Media is now culpable in islamic hate crimes - they are enablers and apologists for the assassination of western culture.

Neo Conservative said...

the sad reality is... most folk just absorb the cbc, ctv, cp24 multi-culti narrative. they go outside and wash their new car, go inside and gorge on netflix and microwave meal substitutes.

their kids are locked away in their bedrooms texting 20 hours a day and there is no connection to community.

no one will pay attention to individual tragedies like nathan cirillo. perhaps people will wake up when that first round of ieds rips throught the subway or the eaton centre... or when a jihadi blows up a package of medical waste on parliament hill.

i'm glad i'm out of the danger zone these sheeple live in.