09 June 2016

The Reverse Midas Effect

Everything they touch turns to, well... you know...shit

"The Ontario Liberals have been forced to abandon a fund of more than $40 million that failed to stem the loss of nurses in the province after spending 10 times more on expenses than on saving jobs."
It gets better...
That would be bad enough, said McNaughton, if the nursing fund was the only irrevocable trust set up by the Liberal government. But it appears at least seven provincial ministries have set up such trusts in recent years.
Just something to think about while you sit in your local emergency room for six hours waiting for medical attention.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says...........I will simplify it for everyone. Government and bureaucracy backed by unions is and will continue to be the problem.

Martin said...

So a government that cannot administer properly a health fund they set up, cannot tender a system for e health records, or tender a bridge on TC highway,or plan efficient snow removal, or create an air ambulance system...These same people think nothing of planning elaborate Ont.systems that will affect global climate patterns. What they will do is bankrupt the province and destroy traditional industry capability. Maybe that is their real objective.

Neo Conservative said...

"martin says... bankrupt the province and destroy traditional industry"

since being elected in 2003, the liberals have doubled ontario's debt. it's why ontarians have the highest energy costs in north america.

look at how they pump huge bucks into simultaneously funding abortion clinics and also dump 70 million dollars a year into invitro fertilisation. i mean, wtf?

it's like a competition to burn through as much taxpayer money as they can. i don't get it.


Bill Elder said...

Neo, - voice of doom here. I was wondering, what with bolshie klepo unions having a strangle hold on the province, and a steady flow of migrants for shitholes that have never known prosperity, civility or good government, and your universities being nothing but finishing schools for weaponized Marxist zombies, and the PCs being an atrophied parody of an alternative choice - the liberals will easily win again - and again - Its as if your province is destined to be the first Canadian Venezuela. It MUST crash before it's electorate have a catharsis about klepto-marxism.

Will you watch it happen or seek asylum (with other normal productive people) in a friendlier jurisdiction where the productive class are not used like mules, abused like slaves and persecuted for their beliefs - a place where you are allowed to live in peace and prosperity? Will you take to a life raft or waste time rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanc?

History has shown negative in-migrations create positive out-migrations - the current form of this historic phenomena has been labeled "white flight" -but th reality is those fleeing are a multicultural mix of productive people leaving jurisdictions hollowed out by klepto-marxists - It will happen in Canada and I think Ontario will lead the charrge.

Anonymous said...

Not one bureaucrat or bureaucrat's assistant or assistant to the bureaucrat's assistant will be fired - government encourages incompetence. If they hired competent, capable people, the jobs of the politicians and civil service would be in jeopardy.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill elder says... reality is those fleeing are a multicultural mix of productive people leaving jurisdictions hollowed out by klepto-marxists"

no argument here... i'm one of them.

one only has to pass through the hollowed out shell of detroit (once america's economic engine) to see ontario's future.

remember though... even detroit is better than most of africa or the middle east... so there will always be immigrant tribes willing to move in to devastated neighbourhoods and set up mini-oligarchies and suck up government resources.

of course, there will be a tipping point... as places like greece and venezuela are finding out.