03 May 2011

Too young to die... too old to...

...believe in deceitful socialist claptrap...
oldie but a goodie**********

UPDATE: Stand by for breaking news...

...on gravity... holding shit down.


Anonymous said...

Cheers Old Bubba

Neo Conservative said...

my guess is the votemobs are responsible for electing the dipper who chose to vacation in vegas instead of campaigning... as well as the guy who previously ran as a communist.

also can't wait to see how quebeckers feel about their other newly elected unilingual anglophone members of parliament.


Brian said...

Layton has a real problem now. He has a bunch of ZEROS elected in Quebec , some of whom do not live in the ridings and do not speak French which should prove interesting in ridings with strong separatist sentiments.

He also somehow has to maintain control of these neophytes who are going to shoot off their respective mouths with all sorts of embarrassing nonsense.

In addition , Quebec voted NDP because the Bloc had not extorted enough from English Canada , so they turn to the NDP with all Layton's wild promises like making French mandatory across Canada , opening the Constitution in Quebec's favour etc.

... so given that Layton has ZERO power with a Tory majority and ZERO seats in the Senate , all he can do is sit and fume ... meanwhile back at the ranch (Quebec) the natives will be restless getting nothing for their NDP support !!!!

Talk about a BIG problem ... but of course the stupid left-biased MSM cannot even see the impending train wreck.

... have fun Jack.

burpnrun said...

The fun is just starting. Going to be a really interesting roller-coaster ride:

I also recommend Silver's appraisal, not so much "how the Libs got here", but how he sees the immediate future of the party unfolding; high drama coming:

Anne in swON said...

Wonder if Jack will appoint his newest Quebec MP (the former communist/martial arts expert) as drill sergeant in mandatory NDP bootcamp for rookies (all vacations to be taken after, not during, said bootcamp).