28 May 2011

It's like having a little puppy...

...who just can't stop piddling on the kitchen floor...
tiny little troll
6 minutes, three trolls... perhaps you need a refresher...

comment policy
And, nonny... bear in mind... this is just one tiny slice of your waking... (and I use the word loosely)... "reality."

To recap... you don't know my name, you've never even seen a picture of me... but you're constantly surfacing here, most frequently at 2am, to shriek about my girth, hirsuteness, career status and sobriety.

In what alternate universe does that portend even a vestigial whiff of sanity? Seriously... this is your whole life... cyber-stalking a stranger?



UPDATE: As they say on crime tv...

...his interval is getting shorter...
C'mon nonny... 3 in 3 minutes?

Surely you can do better than that.

You know... like in the good old days...

"I want all gun laws repealed. Then I can go fascist hunting."
Posted by liberal supporter to halls of macadamia at 8:04 PM, November 04, 2009

"I'm looking at automatics today. I love how you can draw dotted lines on whatever you want. But I need accuracy and lots of stopping power. What do you recommend?"
Posted by liberal supporter to halls of macadamia at 8:10 PM, November 04, 2009

"Looks like neo the gun nut doesn't like the truth. I'm sure if we repealed all gun laws he would feel so much safer, then he could shoot me with his bazooka from a mile away."
Posted by liberal supporter to halls of macadamia at 6:34 PM, November 04, 2009

"What are you going to do about it, coward? Shoot me with your pop guns? Hahahahahahahahaha!"
Posted by liberal supporter to halls of macadamia at 2:15 PM, October 26, 2009

"He thinks it's worth putting up with the CPC crackpots as long as he gets to keep and grow his gun collection."
Posted by liberal supporter to halls of macadamia at 9:48 PM, September 23, 2009

"This is such fun. Old Cacademia here deletes LibSup's comments and then LibSup pastes them over at CC's. And then we laugh and laugh and laugh..."
Posted by Ti-Guy to halls of macadamia at 7:12 PM, September 24, 2009

"Glad you remembered I told you to suck my fat cock."
Posted by Ti-Guy to halls of macadamia at 3:29 AM, September 19, 2009
C'mon babycakes... just let the rest of your personalities out for a breath of fresh air.

You know you want to.


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Yet again... the so-called mainstream media... insists on pumping up the already hysterical chimp-o-sphere...
"I will have to wait and read it later, as first I must walk the Trail of Latte Tears in High Park."

LAST WORD: Here's a hint, nonny...

If your comment starts with the word "dude"... you're in the wrong place.

Actually... you're in the wrong decade... but you're not gonna get that either, are you.


hunter said...

Hey, give puppies a break....they at least learn that it is not acceptable to pee in someone's house!

syncrodox said...


Maybe we should take up a collection and get Tigger a new blow up doll or something.

Neo Conservative said...

bear in mind, folks... that for every one nonny-ism i let through... there are a dozen that go straight into the trash.

we're talking pathological obsession here. i just don't get it.


Jeff Mann said...

Warren's been drinking again.... posting fake pictures....

Neo Conservative said...

yeah... warren kinsella's golden touch... just ask rocco rossi or michael ignatieff about that.