02 May 2011

Mighty Holy Warrior goes out like a...

...screamin' little girl...
where's my virgins

"John Brennan, a counter-terrorism advisor to Obama said the woman who died in the raid was believed one of bin Laden's wives and he used her as a human shield."


Michael Harkov said...

They wouldn't understand the concept of protecting women; they view women as chattel, which would make hiding behind them no different than hding behind a chair.

rabbit said...

I suspect that to Bin Laden, women were little more than cattle anyway.

Neo Conservative said...

and living like a prince (relatively speaking) under the auspices of the pakistani government... in the middle of a military retirement community, no less.

i'm sure all osama's peasant jihadis living out in the field are gonna appreciate that fact as well.

my guess is the u.s. military has real-time hd video of the whole business... wonder if that'll ever see the light of day?

now, the question is... who moves up from #2 on barry o's hitlist?


Anonymous said...

They should have kept the body and brought it back wrapped in bacon. Put a sign around his neck saying "WHO WANTS TO BE NEXT??


Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... kept the body and brought it back wrapped in bacon."

you mean like the jihadis sawing off daniel pearl's head on video... or the brutal somalis dragging the naked bodies of u.s. soldiers ththrough the streets during the "blackhawk down" incident?

no thanks. quiet islamic burial at sea was just the ticket.